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Huck #1 just arrived at Image Comics office - PICTURES!


Huck #1 plus the Feel-Good movie Variant. In stores week after next.

This is my personal favourite work ever. It’s time to get excited!!!


Beautiful covers! Albuquerque is a master storyteller and a superb cover artist!


I’ve read the first 3 issues and this is easily Rafael’s* best work yet. It’s amazing.

  • I’m not a personal friend or anything, I just don’t want to spell his surname. :smile:


About 3 weeks ago I finally clicked and was able to spell Albuquerque without checking.



As always looking forward to picking this up and reading it in the pub . I always think if a comic is enthralling enough it can block out the background noise in a Glasgow pub on a Saturday afternoon it’s a corker!


I always look it up. Even when I do spell it correctly, I doubt myself. :wink:

The first three issues are amazing. This book is going to be amazing.


Looks great- when’s it hitting the stands?


The schedule says 2 weeks (November 18th).


If I ever want to figure out how to spell it I just remember that simpson’s episode.


Wait a minute …NOW?! I got excited about this last month! :slight_smile:
My delivery route (also my bi-monthly trip to Graham Cracker’s) was switched from the 18th to the 11th. :angry: Now I’m going to be a week early, so I’m going to have to put my hope in the LCS near me (20 miles), they got the last issue of JC 2 weeks after it was released, and only ONE! (I had already driven to the next state to get a copy :wink: ) With this many cool variants I’ll probably put on a lot of miles trying to get one of each. Since Field of Dreams was filmed in our town it’s kind of a must have.


I got lost in the city of Albuquerque on Saturday when it was closed and missed my train. Does that count?

Also, I have respect for people who use two Qs in their name.


obviously you do Michael


You and Bugs Bunny.