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Huck #1 has a free gift on the cover!


A little extra we included. When you get your copy get a magnifying glass and check out the top half of the number 8 on the back of Huck’s overalls. If you magnify 15X you will see the following quietly clearly. ENJOY!


I was hoping for a Space Spinner.


You can still spin it!



Guess I’m buying the alternative cover, then?





No chance of a Big Ben Banger?

Boy the Yanks missed out without free gifts with comics.


I decided last night that Iain De Caestecker, who lays Fitz on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD should be the man to play @Mark_Millar.

I do believe he could punch a fox.


OK, despite that I never buy floppies for miniseries I bought this issue.

I figure even though the back issue market has mostly collapsed this one will be worth be some coin in 10 years when this underprinted first run vanishes and Huck becomes huge. After I read it, it’s going straight into the mylar (I haven’t read it yet).


I’ve meant to ask from the beginning but is there any significance to the “78” on the back of Huck’s jacket?

What are you listening to?

I don’t know - year of the DC Implosion?


Or maybe the most awesome year on the face of the Earth. :wink:

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I told the girls about the hidden gift and really enjoyed watching them scrutinize the cover with a jeweler’s magnifier until I finally showed them this thread. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: