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Huck #1 Cover for Sale


Rafael Albuquerque is auctioning off the original cover art to Huck #1 to raise money for the flooding relief effort in his home town of Porto Alegre, Brazil. So check it out and leave a bid if you’re so inclined.


Just wanna say: Right On Raffie!


That is such an awesome thing to do, and in keeping with the feeling I’m getting from the preview. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: Sooooo wish I could bid on this.


Hey, buddy. You can bid all you want! Just don’t win the Bid! :laughing:


Ya. It’s definitely not as high as I hope it goes but already well past my budget. I hope Rafael does well with this.


A little less than a day on this without much movement in price. It looks like it’s going to go fairly cheap for a first issue cover of a series that is going to be as big as this one will. Hopefully, there is some increase in bidding.


Those bids had better go UP!

Maybe this is one of those last-second ambush things?