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How's your hearing?


I can be sensitive to that kind of stuff David (I got diagnosed with a very minor hearing impairment on my right side, due no doubt to many loud raves and gigs in my youth) and it sounded perfectly fine to me in the cinema, sounds like a bad DVD job.

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Mine is due to punk shows where I was almost a head taller than everyone and firing an AR-15 without ear protection. :wink:


Yeah you fire an AR-15 where I was growing up, even in the air, and you get a minimum 10 year stretch inside. :slightly_smiling:

I went to see Underworld twice who boasted the loudest sound system in the world, which may not have been a lie as it caused the plaster to fall in off the venue ceiling on one of their concerts.


Even if you’ve fired a gun or heard one fired, the AR-15 is a completely different, more concussive, sound. In retrospect, it was quite dumb. I now carry a pair of earplugs in my jacket or coat for concerts and shooting.

Sheena has a custom made set of musicians ear plugs that uses even in movies. Her livelihood, is quite dependent on her ears. :wink:


I’ve been to a Texan gun range. I have no idea if it was an AR-15 or any other model but there were some seriously loud high calibre guns on display there. I had my earphones on and preferred to shoot the small ones, the skill interested me more than the size of hole you could make in a paper target.


AR-15 is the name generally given to the non-automatic version of the M16. It’s actually a smaller caliber bullet closer to a .22 or about half the size of a 9mm. It gets it’s sound from being high velocity which is more for accuracy and range.

There is a bit of variation but this is the general look.


Great, I don’t really care. It’s never been of any importance to my life.


You don’t have to be a dick about it. :wink:


Did you get into much trouble for firing an AR-15 at a punk show?


Hahaha. It depended on the show. :wink:


Yup. Depends on the show. Buffalo Springfield, Guns ‘n’ Roses, .38 Special, no prob. Peter, Paul and Mary, big problem.


I just found an online hearing test. You naturally lose some of the range with age and some can be due to damage as we’ve talked about upthread. Some places even use the higher tones to try to get rid of kids as most people lose them in their 30’s.

Here’s the test:

Here’s the data based on age:

Mine was about 14,500 Hertz for my right ear and 16,300 Hertz for my left ear in a quick and dirty test. I would probably do slightly better in a quieter room. Even that is about par for my age.


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Not great.

50% loss in left ear which an aid sort of covers - tech’s gotten better over the years but I’m not convinced it’s caught up to the filtering aspect natural hearing has.

At the same time, dyspraxia fairly wrecks the processing of info, though there are ways to minimise those effects.

Do tend to be a pain together. I might have heard someone just fine but it takes a little to process the info as to what they actually said.


Really interesting. I appear to be just under 13 kHz, which is round about their average for 50 years old. I ran the test twice, once with my eyes closed so the numbers I saw couldn’t influence when I clicked, and got the same each time.

I know my hearing is far from perfect. I don’t generally have problems with quiet sounds, but I struggle to pick voices out in a noisy background. It causes a real problem with modern television programmes (but not with older ones, as they were generally more sensible about how they used music).

The Dredd DVD (which sparked this conversation) definitely wasn’t just my ears though. Even with no background music, we had to turn up the sound so high to hear the dialogue that when the music or gunfire (and there’s a heck of a lot of gunfire in Dredd) started it was uncomfortably loud. There were two of us, and we both had the same problem with it.

Oh, I also suffer from mild tinnitus, which may or may not be connected with my hearing problems.


I have this problem sometimes too. I wonder if it’s because modern films are generally mixed for higher end theater sound systems that don’t always transfer well to even the higher end home systems. Older films wouldn’t have had those considerations and would just worried about how audible the mix was.


Guys - the answer is simple - use subs!


Honestly, if I could go back and give 20-year-old me some advice, it would be “wear earplugs” :frowning:


I was at Fear Factory just before Christmas, and my hearing took a good while to get back to normal afterwards. I was thinking to myself it might be time to start wearing earplugs to gigs just to maintain my hearing at its current level.