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How to Pitch to MillarWorld


Well, this is my first post to a board, ever!!
I’m about to retire and need to get lots out of my system which I’m hoping is going to be my next adventure.
My brain seems to be a constant stream of concepts, ideas and potentials.
Unsure where to start as an effective route so here I am.
I met Mark Millar with my eldest son at Kapow a few years ago and after a brief chat, he applauded me for being an amazing dad, so why not start with somebody who made me smile.
My question is…if I’m ready to commit words to a page but have too many varying ideas (movie, TV series, new characters, concepts on current characters, all original, all different and all compelling) then what’s the best starting point? Synopsis, script etc? Then where to?
All help appreciated, but for christ’s sake, be quick before my mental agility gives up and my head explodes.
Cheers from an appreciative and friendly Geordie


Write a synopsis of the story. Work out the whole thing, all the parts and pieces and twists. Use post it’s and a wall if you need to. Do that first. Then write the parts you need to get down immediately. It’s like building the foundations of a house.

This is how Mr Millar writes, and it’s an effective process. Might not be for everyone but I think it’s a good system.


Cheers Jim
A much appreciated response.
I’ve got those written already for a number of projects such as movies, episodic TV series and a variety of takes on current classics, so I suppose what now is my next question. Not necessarily to you as I’d hate to be a burden, but to anybody who may want to chip in.
Thanks again my friend.


Hi Colin, in truth there aren’t many comics publishers that will accept spec scripts. 2000ad do for a few months a year but only for short stories. Millarworld has its annual contest which you are welcome to enter but other than that it’s Mark’s own work and now some stuff from an established writer like Rob Williams who works for DC.

So the best bet is to take the ideas and try and get a comic done that can be shown to publishers. Matt Garvey gives great advice on that here.

For guidance on writing a specific comics script Mark gave some tips here:


I wouldn’t say it’s GREAT advice…just trying to help people avoid the pit falls that I seem to constantly find! :joy:


Oh and just because someone just posted this on my Twitter timeline:


Kirby didn’t draw FF until his 40s too!
I found that out the other day too!


Yeah although Lee and Kirby both started out pretty young (Kirby did Captain America two decades earlier) they were both in their 40s when they hit huge success with the FF and the subsequent Marvel hero books.

Due to a miraculous return to hair growth Stan Lee actually looks a lot older then than he did 20 years later. :smile:

Creating comics cures male pattern baldness!


why do you think i am pumping out the comics as much as i am?!
My hair isn’t getting any thicker!
Just glad i’m tall!


I’m grateful for any advice chaps so thanks.
I’ll leave the comic route but shall endeavour trying to get something submitted to someone, somewhere.
Thanks again.
Right, back to the party!!! :metal::metal::metal:


Well shout if you need help coz mine’s presidential and would make a great syrup (a geordie doing cockney. Rare indeed)


There are quite a few small press type books you can submit to without having to go through the rigmarole of self publishing.

It’s just that to be realistic the major professional ones don’t really accept scripts, they like to see a finished comic in order to judge (even if it’s a web comic).


Cheers again sir
I’d hoped that with the Netflix deal that the company may be looking for alternate ideas in the genre which is the route I’m looking to go. I’m not assuming they’d want anything but I’d have loved to have had a conversation. Perhaps a completed script for a one off story which can be springboarded for something ongoing might be my way to go. At least then it’s tangible when it’s complete.
Thanks mate


We can never say never as plans change but it’s not the publishing plan currently and a long shot. The standard for all pro publishers now is to take on writers after they have completed works as it’s a very competitive field.


It’s the old Catch-22 of nobody hires you unless you’ve got experience but you can’t get experience until somebody hires you…


You can if you just go out there and do it yourself, floppycock! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If not I’m doing all this for nought😂


A good line to remember for interviews.


Hey Diggler,

I admire your enthusiasm and not to burst your bubble.
I don’t think any of us can or should try and use the Chief’s amazing news to help “springboard” our careers.
Unless we are invited or enter a competition like the MillarWorld annual.
It’s not Willy Wonkers golden ticket time…
You’ll be surprised that most creators in all forms of media who appear to have that overnight success status in reality have been working for YEARS to get their stuff out there…to get expouse to help the, land bigger gigs!
So, my advice is to get out there, get creating and when you do BANG your own drum as loud as you can to show the world what you can do!


How’d you think I got my last job?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mark himself for one, he’s mentioned many times how he was almost on the breadline for much of the first 10 years of his career.