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How to make a comic: The Book


I’m writing a book on making small press comics…called, wait for it…SMALL PRESS big questions
“Aww Gawd, why?” I hear you ask.

Well, I have had a pretty decent year making and selling my own comics.
Put out seven individual issues, a trade and sold a good couple of thousand copies.
I am not saying that to show off, I mention it because people keep asking me;
“How did you get started?”
“How do you make a comic?”
“How do you sell your comics?”
And so forth…

I am sure this happens to all small press creators, at cons and on social media too, but as far as I know there isn’t a pulled resource of someone explaining their process from a grassroots level.
There are loads of books on how to write comics and how to draw comics (which are great), but to my knowledge there are no “look, I am like you. I just wanted to make a comic, this is what I did”
You know me, I like to try help and encourage others to go out there and make their own comics…because its FUN!
Plus, if I can do it ANYONE can…seriously, it is true.

My small press 101 thread I started on here:

seemed to go down pretty well, so I thought I’d write a book…breaking down everything I do from writing a script, finding an artist, putting a comic together and then actually selling them…but more importantly, the pitfalls I have encountered along the way.
I started writing this over Christmas and it is shaping up nicely…I’m just under 100 pages in now and I think it will end up around 150 pages long…So, it is no epic.

I wanted to throw this subject out to the open to forum to see if anyone has any questions or want to know anything specific about my process that they would like me to cover?

Also, just to let you know when this is done, it is going to be FREE to download, this way, hopefully it’ll help as many people as possible out there start making comics.
I will print a few copies to sell at cons too, just because people keep coming up to me, asking LOADS of questions, so this way, I can just point to the book on the table and say “there you go, everything I do”

If anyone has any questions let me know!

Make comics everyone!
You’ll love it.




not really a question, but, ok, sure…you complete me too? :grimacing:


You’re still gonna have to answer the same damned list of twelve questions your entire professional life. You realize that, right? These questions are asked by those who do not read! But they buy merch. Repetitive questions always mean for the Wise Author to redirect to the merch! The new trade. The set of buttons. The fully-functional robotic arm.


Oh yeah, I know that…but just thought it would be nice to produce something others (even the slim few) would be able to use… :wink: