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How to get an autograph from Mr Millar?


Hi! Luv Millar’s comics since Kick Ass. Yeah, I know, I started slow. Been picking up his comics ever since. Just wondering whether he would appear in any on the comic con in the States? Would really like to have his autograph.


There’s a good possibility of him coming over sometime late spring, maybe summer. We will definitely let you know when and where that happens.


Thanks Will. Hopefully it will be summer at San Diego Comic Con!!!


Might be. More likely somewhere a bit further East.


Ohhh…NYCC…no…I’m from Singapore so unlikely to go there this year…Thanks.


Mark has said he’s planning to visit South East Asia this year (Malaysia/Singapore) so that may be a lot more convenient.


Wow…That’s fantastic news!!! The Singapore Comics Community will be looking forward to this!!!


The Chief just had a thread up about where he will be doing signings for the next couple of months. I’m sure he will re-start that thread as soon as he gets over the shock of a new board! :smiley:

Also, our architects had a nice few front pages - that will return - where there will be an itinerary. Have no worries about being from Singapore - that is very, very cool and welcome! We represent everybody; Malasia, Wales, Alabama, the Philippines, the Nederlands and all kinds of cool places - and Scotland.

Stick around and watch the info appear - like magick!



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(btw, go over to Moorcock’s site and check out the big ol’ set of smilies there. Any we might use? I could ask Reynaud.)


I just told the Singapore Comics Community on their facebook about the possibility of Millar coming to Singapore/Malaysia. Also, the this news is from Millarworld forum. Will definitely stick around to follow up on this good news!!!


Engage with the community here and get involved in the discussions. It’s alway great to have new people with new perspectives join in.

Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Millarworld, LE. What is your name?

Mark is great at signings. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple times at Wizard World Chicago. I would do it again.


Hi! I’m Wan. Living in Singapore. Going to SDCC in July.


Nice to meet you, Wan. My name is Ronnie.

I’ve been to a few cons. A friend runs a smaller one called Cape Comic Con and I’ve been to Wizard World Chicago a few times. I’ve never been to SDCC but have always heard it’s fun. My dream con would be Angouleme in France.


Hi Wan, I am living in Penang, a few hundred km up the road. We’ll keep you posted on the plans.


Hi! Great! Cheers!


SDCC is a madhouse. This will be my 2nd SDCC and likely my last. Will save up $$$ for other cons like NYCC or C2E2.


I would like to hit C2E2. I have a friend that lives in Chicago and would like to meet up with other Millarworlders again.


I went to C2E2 last year and it was fun. A group of us Millarworlder’s hung out and had a great time.


Those are my best memories from the last year I went to Wizard World Chicago. Mark was there that year. So he hung out with us some too.