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How much would you pay for unlimited comics?


It’s always a huge aspect of it. Everything is what you get used to.

When they first started offering Comixology day and date in 2011 and I got my tablet I was quite anxious about the idea of not really owning the books, I actually bought the first few issues of the Nu52 and then downloaded a pirated ‘backup’. That lasted about 6 months. I felt that for full price I should ‘own’ it.

Now a few years on and everything apart from Marvel and DC you can download legally to CBR or CBZ, and most of what I buy is from Image, and I just can’t be arsed. It’s much easier to read in the app.

I’m sure I re-read less than Dave does, I don’t do it with many comics really, just the classics, but even if I did I feel now I could just grab a month’s sub, probably even for free as a trial (just register a new email address).

That’s not to say I am right and others are wrong but we all approach stuff differently. I still buy music on physical CDs as I find the price is barely any different to digital and I can keep my copy and then still transfer to all my devices.


The inconsistencies in loading issues and pages drives me crazy. And it’s not my internet at home, as the Comixology app works fine and so does everything else.

They haven’t properly coded/indexed comics and creators. Which i wonder is about curation or could be something on the app’s backend. I also think the navigation is clunky – if you’re in your library and delve into a series, you can’t just hit My Library and go back to it, you have to use the back navigation buttons. Also if you add a ‘new’ issue to your library and then a newer one comes out, when you read the last-but-one comic it doesn’t recognise that the next issue is now on the app, and instead tries to push you to the website to buy it.

They’re all small things, but they add up. And I think mostly they could be addressed with a thoughtful revamp.


To be fair neither have Comixology. It’s all pretty much a mess and they credit cover artists and editors. It could be a great function if they just paid some unemployed nerd to sort it all out for them.

I think on the loading of issues it may be slightly your internet at home and a part the app. It doesn’t work at all as well as Comixology if a signal is weak. I used to get quite a few load failures where you had to try again, upgraded recently to a 100mb connection and new router from my ISP, all gone.

It’s still their issue if other apps have no problems below top speeds and theirs does but it explains why others report no problems. (To be honest it has exposed an opposite problem, however fast my internet speed Comixology will never download a comic in under a minute, it pretty much takes the same time, in Marvel Unlimited 10-15 seconds to show the fully downloaded white line is pretty common).


I have the same issues with Marvel Unlimited.


To be fair, i cannot work out how to log into the comixology app on my iPad.
I download the comics on my PC and shove them into my dropbox for reading with Comic Glass (which is a lovely app for reading comics on)


Enter your user ID and password.


But where is the amazon account option?

EDIT: oh there is a new app now…


I’m a print guy.

I don’t have much time to read comics these days, but when I do, I prefer to buy a trade. I try to get direct from the artist or writer if possible, and read in one sitting. The study the process and story techniques.

I like the collection aspect of comics, digital seems hollow to me. I think I’m old fashion.


… or you have storage space left :wink: