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How much would you pay for unlimited comics?


Marvel have a digital Unlimited plan that lets you read most of their comics when they’re 6 months old or older - it works out to cost $5 a month. I’m curious how many people take advantage of it.

Comixology also have an unlimited plan - does anyone here pay for that?

What about a DC version of this? Would you subscribe and how much would you pay?

More pointedly, what if they offered you books the day they’re published in digital form as part of an unlimited service? Would you pay for that service, and how much each month? $20? $25? $10? Would you drop print comics entirely?

Are you someone who’s moved over to digital, do your read both ways (and if so why both)? Are you someone who’ll only read comics in print and never buy digital?

I suspicious that the direct and digital markets might be made up of different readerships as digital doesn’t seem to have hurt comic stores too much, but I’m curious to hear your stories.


I use Marvel Unlimited. It’s good, but the 6 month thing is annoying. I read a few comics on the way to and from school on school days. It’s great.


I’d be willing to pay like $20-25 per month for access to a cross-publisher version of Marvel Unlimited. say something like Netflix, where there’s a rotating selection of titles each month.

Scribd unlimited tried to do something like this - they had all of Valiant’s back catalogue, and a kinda random selection of stuff from Marvel and a few other publishers, but not all the comics on the platform were covered, making it quite frustrating.


I use unlimited for the marvel books. And I’ve found myself reading marvel books I never would touch on the shelf.

The only issue I’d find from it would be if you where using it to read books up to date/weekly. The spoilers would be killer.
But the back catalogue reader should be fine.

Definitely feel like I get my monies worth from it.
Not sure I’d jump on a DC one. But defo like to see something from idw along these lines.


I currently pay ~ £10 for a Marvel one, 6 months behind and that’s the most I’ll pay

£20 for a DC one of the same, because I’m more interested in (re)reading their books

I wouldn’t pay anything for any of the other publishers as I tend to read most of them in trade and I think the likes Image read better that way

I’d pay £30 a month for DC day of release & back catalogue. £15 for marvel.

I’d never have seen me switch to digital, but I adjusted in the end, for a number of reasons I don’t want to bore you all by repeating.
I still prefer print, but it’s so handy having everything on an iPad, not taking over the house.
I’ll always read trades though - I really enjoy the experience of picking them off my shelf for the journey to work etc

The floppies I buy are a very small handful a month, usually Ennis, Moore and Morrison. 2000ad & The Meg. I also prefer to read the magazines I buy in print; Starburst, SFX, Total Film/Empire, Horrorville & Mixmag.


I pick up most of my books digitally through ComiXology with a handful of physical purchases. I really like their interface. I haven’t tried their Unlimited plan as yet. It seems a little hit and miss.

I had an annual Marvel Unlimited subscription but rarely used it. I’m not entirely sure why. The interface wasn’t my favorite but I don’t think that’s the full reason.

I’m not sure what I’d pay for a day-and-date subscription service. My real issue is usually time and not money. Single issue purchases usually help cull my reading list. I still like New Comics Wednesday too.


I read a decent mixture of physical and digital (probably 60%:40%). I prefer physical, but there’s just so many advantages in digital - cost and storage being the main ones. I do make a point of trying to get the books where I really like the artwork in print, versus on screen. It’s just so much easier to admire that way, I think.

I’d sign up for a truly Unlimited “all Publisher” service immediately. I’d comfortably spend $30 a month for it too. That would be small change given how much I spend on comics today.


One important point I forgot to mention earlier. My current buying habits are the way they are because I want to support my LCS. I’ve been going there for decades; the staff are like family. When/ if my LCS closes down, or if I ever move away, I think I’ll pretty quickly go 90 - 100% digital (to make the most of those aforementioned advantages).


I don’t have a super strong connection to my LCS but I still really like the idea and having one. It’s the only reason I haven’t gone 100% digital.

The other problem I’ve found is that I’m going to a con this week and I don’t really have anything to sign by most of the creators I’m really excited to see. We’ll see how this goes. :wink:


I’ve purchased a handful of classic trades in digital form (Watchmen, Batman: the Long Halloween, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, etc), but I haven’t really embraced reading individual issues digitally.


I read only two series a month…so the idea doesn’t appeal.

But I guess if I was a more of a fan of either company…20 bucks a month to read digital archives isn’t bad.


The comixology unlimited plan is a bit of a farce, as it mostly only serves the first few issues of any title. I tried it for a couple of months and it was clear it’s not intended as a truly unlimited plan like marvel unlimited, but instead hopes to get you invested enough to buy the following issues.

I’d reckon I’d be willing to pay about 30/month to have access to books from as many publishers as possible. If DC and Image set up plans similar to marvel I’d be in for it for sure.


I’ve been a member of Marvel Unlimited for a few years now - it works out to about $14 AUD a month which is not much more than two new release comics.

I wouldn’t pay much more for this service mainly because the app is still a bit clunky; if it worked smoothly I’d be more willing.

If there was a DC version of the same service I’d jump on board.

In both companies cases I am more interested in older material as events and reboots over the past decade have really turned me off. I rarely visit my LCS as the books on my standing order are all infrequent releases (Savage Dragon, and Millar’s stuff). When I do pop in, I will pretty much ignore the Marvel racks anyway because I feel like it would be a waste to buy anything now when I am already paying for access to read it in 6 months.

As it stands, my household is also a monthly subscriber to Netflix, Stan (a Netflix competitor), and Apple Music - each priced similarly to MU (they’re a few dollars lower, actually). I still think MU is better value.


I’ve used Marvel Unlimited for years, great service and the app was shaky as hell at first but I have no issues at all with it now.

I don’t use Comixology Unlimited because it only covers some titles and partial runs. I would use as cross publisher service that was complete and would pay the $30 or so most others have mentioned.

I have moved from buying trades to digital, haven’t bought single issues in nearly 15 years. I’ll only buy physical trades now for a few selected books that I know I will want to keep, for example Sandman Overture is the only physical release I’ve bought this year.


Would this be different if there were a reliable comic retailer near you?


Ditto on this front.
I’ve read a few other digital books. Generally from humble bundles. And find the MU app a much easier read.
I do enjoy the monthly hilight on creators, or characters that are hitting other media.
And it’s far more statisfing to read a bad book this way. If you understand my meaning.

The other thing is that you can purchase thecurrent books generally at a buck cheaper than via the app. But I don’t see myself ever doing that.
But the option is there should you want to keep up to date.


Maybe, probably not though because when I did visit one when I was in KL the import costs mean singles are really expensive. A $3 book would cost more like $5 after conversion. I’d rather spend the same amount and get more comics digitally.


Personally, I’ve bought exactly one comic in my LCS in the last couple of years, and only now I have two TPBs on order with them. I buy a lot of toys and kits from them though so I can support them in different ways.


The reading itself for the most part is fine (though I still have the double page spread problems…), it’s more the navigating from issue to issue or title to title is clunky, and some of the links are just plain wrong.

I’m reading the Fraction Iron Fist run and clicking on the “More in this series” (I wanted to check something in a previous issue) took me to all comics with a Chris Giarrusso credit.


I read all marvels i want to read (and it turns out some I don’t), save for Jessica Jones via Marvel Unlimited.

Rest of my comics are mostly digital from image initially through their website, and then through comixology subscription. Save for Saga which i still get in print for some reason. I download them and read them on my iPad through comic glass.

If Image did an unlimited i’d be paying for that and be a big user - I’m not sure it would work for the creators though.