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How much will Infinity War make at the Box Office?

  • Over $2 Billion Dollars Worldwide
  • Between $1.52 Billion and $2 Billion
  • Under $1.52 Billion

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Interested to see where people sit, and where this movie is going to end up.

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Yeah, this is going to make 2 billion dollars.


That’s my thinking, unless the movie has some really big issues that hamper the re-watchability factor. I know many people here think it’s a pipe dream that this movie could get to 2B+, but I think we all forget the fact that there’s a plethora of star-power in this movie…

Just the fact of having sooo many stars playing so many beloved characters should prove irresistible to most people, it’s an “event” movie in itself because of that alone, and I’m guessing world-wide audiences are gonna eat it up… But it all depends on how rewatchable it is, and that depends on wether they don’t screw anything up too badly (it could also hurt A4 if they do).


That’s everything Avengers was and it fell $400 million short. That ain’t nothing.


This has more Panther.


Rising cinema prices and general inflation will probably help it, but I agree with you on this. Two billion is a pipe dream.


Yes and no, there’s a lot more characters and actors this time around… like A LOT more… and hey, if BP can reach 1B… I wouldn’t bet against IW.

Eveyrone who was left wanting for more BP should also go see it (in theory) so, yeah… I dunno… unless something goes very wrong, I think this is the one (or A4 depending on if it’s a 2-parter) that has a chance to cross the 2B line.


Avengers was an event movie, sure, but Evans, Hemsworth, Hiddleston, etc., were coming off the modest successes of their first MCU films. Add in the leap in success of the Cap and Thor films since then, plus Black Panther, the Guardians, and the pre-sale reception to the film (which broke the recently-set record by Black Panther in 6 hours) and it’s a totally different situation than the first Avengers film or even Civil War.


I still think a more saturated market is going to be a big factor keeping Infinity War from doing much better than the first Avengers movie. It’ll crush at the box office for its first 3 weeks (although how much it holds up for those 3 weeks will be down to audience reactions to it). But after that it’ll struggle to find room to breathe as more and more blockbusters are released. $2 billion isn’t impossible, but it seems like it would be a tough road to get there.

That said, I can’t really begin to predict how international audiences will react to Infinity War. But for it to reach $2 billion the international total would have to be minimum $1.4 billion (because it’s hard to imagine how IW does more than $600 million in NA), which would be a massive increase over the other two Avengers movies


If it does end on something like a cliffhanger, what are the chances it gets re-released around Avengers 4?


I would bet on 1.6 billion.


That didn’t stop BP from reaching the big B. Yes, I know BP wasn’t up against a lot of movies, but let’s be honest, what’s gonna stop IW? Pacific Rim? :smile:


IW will be dealing with Deadpool 2, Solo, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World, etc. And sure BP has made crazy money, but we’re talking about nearly doubling BP current haul to get to $2 billion.


I see IW doing $1.2 - 1.3 tops. I will be pleasantly surprised if it does better but I don’t think it will.




Fair enough on that one.



But Disney also owns Solo and Incredibles and, in due course, Deadpool. Unless the world goes totally nuts for Chris Pratt fighting dinosaurs, which I doubt, Disney still gets to add to their Scrooge McDuck bank account no matter what happens. In fact, even if Jurassic World does really well, it still helps them for Guardians by making their lead seem like a bigger star.

The Mouse always wins.


Yeah I’ve got Infinity in the $1.4 to $1.6 billion range, but I do think the wild card is Moviepass and similar passes, which weren’t around in any real way.

I have a hard time believing non-fans or minor fans want to watch 50 superheroes pummel Thanos for three hours, but this could be the kind of movie that fanboys with these passes will see 4 or 5 times. $2 billion still seems outrageously high but they’ll get a big boost from those passes.


I’m amused by all this speculation about whether IW will make $1.4 billion or $1.6 or $2+billion. I just want the film to thrill me and surprise me and entertain me. I just want it to maintain the quality of previous Marvel Studios films.


This is a ridiculous way of looking at it. Mods, can you remove this post?