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How much money will the 2017 comic movies make?


I wish I could find last year’s thread on this to check how we all did. But what’s your guesses?

Here’s mine:

Logan: $450 million
Guardians: $800 million
Wonder Woman: $500 million
Justice League $850 million
Spider-Man: $650 million (it’s going to be hard to do anything new with this)
Kingsman: $550 million (first one did $425 and this one looking good)
Thor 3: $500 million.

Thor should make more as I think it looks amazing, but I think they Star Trek Into Darknessed themselves with a terrible second movie I still haven’t been able to finish despite trying to watch 3 times and LOVING Thor 1. The next movie always takes the hit, even if it’s great (as we saw with Star Trek and The Good Dinosaur). JLA is the closest I think we’ll get to a billion next year, but I just don’t see it cracking it. Mainstream audiences aren’t in love with the members yet so seeing them all come together not that special.



This was your prediction from March 9th Mark:

Deadpool 800 (which without China is just astonishing)
X-Men 850 (because the scale of this will push it beyond even the last one)
Civil War 850
BVS 850 (Batman’s in it)
Suicide Squad 650 (The Joker’s in it)
Strange 500 (a good result, but unknown character)

Feel free to save and laugh at these numbers this Christmas when BVS makes 2 billion!!

I’ll see if I can find some more.

Edit: This was Jacowboy’s effort:

BvS: 1.3 - 1.5B

CW: 1 - 1.2B

DP: probably will flatten out at 720M or so… (which is already stratospheric)

Apocalypse: 700-750M at most, and I’m being super generous.

Suicide Squad: 650M sounds about right BUT I do have a gut feeling that this one could explode like DP did, and it’s not R-rated, and it will play in China, so it could go much much higher… I’m talking billion+ level of higher (hello Fast and Furious =P)

Doc Strange: No clue… need to see something first, but it should do at least as much as Ant-Man.

(Nobody else had the balls to give numbers in the thread I found).


Wow. I’m really impressed how clever I am :slight_smile:



The actual results:

Deadpool: $783M
X-Men: $543M
Civil War $1.153B
BvS: $873M
Suicide Squad: $744M


I don’t think we’ll be able to predict Justice League until we see how Wonder Woman does, and that one is a complete mystery to me. It could do 400 million or 800 million and I wouldn’t be surprised. It looks like a misfire to me but I’ve seen the trailer in the theatre 3 times and that secretary/slave line has killed it every time. More like that and the film will be a smash.

I see Guardians and Justice League crossing a billion and Spidey and Thor coming very close if not clearing it as well.

I feel like next year is going to shatter box office records from wire to wire.


I’ll go with…

1/ Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - $1,100m
2/ Justice League - $900m
3/ Spider-Man: Homecoming - $800m
4/ Thor: Ragnarok - $625m
5/ Wonder Woman - $575m
6/ Kingsman: The Golden Circle - $550m
7/ Wolverine: Logan - $500m

I would expect that Thor is going to be hurt by being released so close to Justice League. Spider-Man should do huge given the refreshed vibe of the hugely popular character and the RDJ Iron Man boost. Justice League will do fine by any reasonable standards but lord knows what sort of budget it will finish with. Guardians will rule the roost until Star Wars comes along (c’mon Disney, time for a cross-over…).


Logan: $400 million
Guardians: $950 million - would love to see it cross a billion, just don’t know if it can get there.
Wonder Woman: $500 million - this one is tough to rpedict as the period setting might put some poeple off, but I think lots of people will be curious.
Justice League $1 billion - I think they fix some of the things they’ve got wrong in the past, and the goodwill brings it over the billion dollar threshold. They can’t screw up yet again can they?
Spider-Man: $850 million - I can’t see a Spidey movie doing less than $700 million, and I think the Marvel touch and marketing will send it over the top.
Kingsman: $550 million - I hope it’s as good as the first one.
Thor 3: $750 million - Thor 2 was pants and still took in $640 million. I think with Marvel so long as it’a a major character people will still go see it, and with the bonus of the Hulk this should be a great time at the cinema.


[quote=“Jim, post:7, topic:8499, full:true”]
They can’t screw up yet again can they?[/quote]
I think they’re actually using this as the tagline for Justice League.





PS I forgot Hulk was in this. Revised by 200 million more as it’s gonna have a little of that Avengers dust on it!!


I think it’s a brave decision now to forecast the DC film the highest. It seems to be running on optimistic fumes.

However I can’t criticise without making my own predictions.

Logan: $450 million - I’ll agree with Mark on this one, do about the same as the last with a bit of infaltionary boost.
Guardians: $950m - looks as much fun as the last and now poeple know what to expect.
Wonder Woman: $500 million - I don’t really know, so will go with the consensus and an average performance.
Justice League $800 million - not really seeing what is selling this above Batman v Superman with two huge icons in the title.
Spider-Man: $950 million - the new guy was great in Civil War, Stark is in it, even the worst Spidey films made $700m+ and this seems fresher and with better people behind it.
Kingsman: $500 million - why not? A bit of a boost on the last one.
Thor 3: $600 million. This is the most difficult, I didn’t dislike Thor 2 like Mark did but it was a bit bland. This looks nuts and has everything and the kitchen sink so could soar or be an almighty mess.


Okay I’ll go for

Logan $600
Guardians $850
Wonder Woman $450
Justice League $1050( I know)
Spidey $800
Kingsman $650
Thor $700

I hope I’m wrong with Wonder Woman and it does amazingly well.


Ok, I’ll do one. I’m going high, but I think at least one will exceed these

GotG: 1.15 billion (this is going to be a phenomenon)
Justice League: 1.05 billion (that number will also be the money spent on the marketing campaign)
Thor, Spidey: 950 mil (Hulk, Hemsworth, Spidey and RDJ…this number may be low)
Secret Service: 700 mil (the first was a big hit on dvd, the sequel is due for a bump though I’m not sure the film will be as good without as much millar involved)
Wonder Woman: 600 mil (right down the middle of what i expect)
Logan: 450 mil (i don’t see it doing great and i think there’s franchise fatigue here)


It’s still Justice League. I think there’s a huge desire among the fans for this to be good, and if it is good I can see everyone going apeshit for it. I just can’t believe WB would make it worse than BvS, and it nearly broke $800 million. I think Aquaman is maybe going to be the savior of the DC universe - who would have thunk?


Which is fair. If it is a great film then my prediction will be badly off. That’s the banker on all of these really though.

I’m still really hoping for the story that can match up to Snyder’s visual flair. You see with Ridley Scott he often does a stinker that looks great, all his films look great, but every now and then gets a cracking script and makes a classic.

However this is the third time there has been a huge desire from the fans for this to be good, and the umpteenth time of hoping Snyder can capture that magic, and it is starting to sound like a desire that will never be fulfilled.


Everyone is forgetting the comicbook movie that I’m looking forward to the most out of all of next year:


Forgot all about that one !


I’m not really big on the box office prediction stuff, but I’ll give it a go.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - 1.2bn
Everyone loves SpiderMan and we are ready for a decent effort after the last 2 disasters. He’s the suoerhero draw outside of Batman and Superman - and in the hands of Marvel, off the back of being the best thing about Civil War, I can’t see them getting this wrong.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - $950m
The first move was lightning in a bottle but the buzz has died down a bit and none of the groups of friends I have shared the trailer for the new one, that’s my barometer about how excited the general public are about a movie. I think it will do well and it will be a really good movie, I need to see a bit more buzz in the coming months though.

Justice League - $800m
There’s got to be a drop off after so many came out of BvS so disappointed. If the trailer looks as shit as the teaser and anything like BvS I don’t think I’d even bother going myself. At the moment Batman and Superman will be carrying this. I think it’s going to be another mess and box office drop off as a result

Thor: Ragnarok - $600
Thor and Hulk plus an up and coming director should see this do OK.

Wonder Woman - $500m
Not sure of the interest outside of fandom and the teaser trailer was miserable looking.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - $450m
I don’t know what the appetite will be without Colin Firth to be honest. I’m bias because although I really loved Secret Service, I didn’t enjoy Kingsman at all. And I don’t like spy shit. So I’m projecting my own lack of interest here, but again in not seeing a huge amount of buzz for a sequel and not sure how interesting it will look compared to the premise of the 1st installment.

Wolverine: Logan - $500m
A lot of buzz on the fan side, and it looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure who the target audience is for this.


Logan: 425
Guardians: 925
Kings man: 375-400 (I’m kind of torn on this one. I think the BO will be heavily dependent on the reviews.)
Wonder Woman: 450. I think there’s a lot of distrust towards the DC brand at this point, and it looks dark as hell, which might deter moms from taking their young daughters. That said, I loved the trailer, and I hope it does better than I’m predicting.
Thor: 550 with middling reviews, 625 if it gets great reviews.
Spider-Man: 875-900. A young Spider-Man, a competent and trusted studio, and Robert Downey Jr. This is going to make some bank, I think.
Strange: Low 500s. I figure it’ll make Ant-Man money, and like everyone else, that it will absolutely kill it in China.
Justice League: I have no idea. I hope this doesn’t suck.
Legit Batman: 675 million, because Batman, and because families.


I’m always hesitant with these threads because inevitably you low-ball or high-ball something that another poster thinks is outrageous, and there’s no real data to back up the estimates here; it’s just pure guessework. That said, I think $850 is the ceiling for a blockbuster comic book film that’s also terrible.

I think the only films that have the potential to make 1 bill next year are Justice League and Spidey.

So, for me, in order of least to most:

Kingsman: $500
Logan: $550.
Thor: $700
Wonder Woman $750
Guardians: $800.
Spidey: $850
Justice League: $1 bill.

I think even with those numbers shy, it’s a good year for Marvel who are basically pulling around 1 billion net p.a. at this point. Both WW and JL have to be big hits for DC though.