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How much money have you accidentally spent on comics?


So here I am reading through the Valiant relaunch titles and loving every minute of them. I got a whole raft of them in a humble book bundle, and then I figured “Oh cool, I can buy them on comixology, no sweat.”


I just checked how much money I’ve spent on them over the last few days and it’s about 70 quid - and I still have some way to go before I’m fully “caught up”. It can’t be just me that suffers from these accidental spends though. Have you ever come out with a nice haul of books, only to suddently realise you’ve maybe splashed out way too much? Do you find that the ease of digital purchases and “on demand” comics makes it “more dangerous” with regards to spending? Can you recommend ways to save money on this ridiculous addiction to valiant comics I have?


Yes I can. Every few months they have a Comixology sale on one of their books or the complete line for 99c each. It requires patience but I’ve followed almost the entire Valiant line that way.


The correct answer for this thread is always: too much. :smile:

I find myself doing a similar thing with digital comics. I’ll have spent what I want to spend and then boom, a sale!


I’ll second @garjones’s recommendation. Valiant does regular sales (both singles and trades) and you can easily read most of their line that way.


I bought a back issue of Wildcats twice. I forgot I already had it and got it a second time a few months later


That’s really the most you’ve accidentally spent?


It’s not like these are toy robots or anything


Like anything digital, the fingers breadth away factor results in those of us who are a bit impulsive to spend far more money than we would otherwise.

Having music, movies, books and comics so readily available is a great thing, but it has its downside.


Wresting money from me is like a scene from The Revenent.



There are a few books that I follow monthly via digital at full price, but most of my big Comixology purchases come when there are sales on. I’ve read a lot of good books (often full runs) paying no more than 69p an issue.


Well they had better do a sale pretty damn soon…


Given the quality of what they seem to be putting out, on a consistent basis, I wouldn’t class it as ‘ridiculous’ :wink:


Valiant also put all their books up on Scribd. The interface isn’t great, but you can save money that way too.


I remember when I was about eighteen spending twenty quid on Swamp Thing #22. I thought it was going for a fiver, but the label was actually on another comic hanging on a wall at a mart and I was too embarrassed to say I couldn’t afford it. I ate up my entire comic budget for the mart, but it was worth it as it was the only Alan Moore Swampy I was missing. Moore himself bought me my first issue btw at a mart some years earlier when I was 13 or so. #26. I still have it within arms reach at all times!




Thats amazing! A passing of the torch!


@Mark_Millar - didn’t want it in the chat thread, but here ya go. Type as much as “musso” in and it’s the first result! Next time you’re in Holyweird and someone asks where you want to go for lunch…

I get regular reports. Everything is good. :slight_smile:


I wasted a lot of money on early Image books, but I can’t honestly claim it was accidental. :angry:


I did say that approach requires patience. :smile:

I try and view it like waiting for the trade.


You may have just saved me tens of thousands of pounds.


The most I “accidentally” spent was on free comic book day this year, I went in for 2 issues but came out with a big stack plus sleeves and boards for everything in my small collection. They had a special running, buy 10 singles and get 1/2 off everything. I think it was about $50 instead of my planned $7.