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How much longer does the ‘X-Men’ name have?


That’s the story of people watching the movie version.


Which would be even funnier if they have a fancy iWatch or something and they’re watching it on their watch…


…while on shift as a night watchman…


Yes, now it’s a story about some people staring at their watches while others stare at their penises. Giant blue penises.

If The X-Men’s days are numbered, what can we say about J.K. Rowling’s The Wizarding World? Why isn’t it the Wizarding and Witching World?


For simplicity’s sake.


Witch is a gender-neutral term


The Non-binary X-Thems.




That genuinely sounds like something Malibu would have published.


Sorry to come to this thread so late. I was going to reply but I was struck down by peopleingitis over the holidays. The doc says I’m on the peopled now, though. So I shall put some peopletal effort into coming up with an argupeoplet to contribute to the debate.