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How much longer does the ‘X-Men’ name have?


I was chatting about this at the weekend with some friends in the pub, and I think it’s likely that the name ‘X-Men’ is on borrowed time, due to the changes in sensitivity levels and sense of perspective amoung younger folk.

I’m surprised that there is not pressure already to Marvel to change this under their next relaunch and for the next movie to be rebranded removing the word ‘men’ from the title.

What is the consensus here, do you think the brand ‘x-men’ is on borrowed time?

Given that Marvel tried to fuck the franchise over anyway, in the idiotic move to usher in the Inhumans as their replacement, does it really matter?
Given the good place that the idea came from it would be a shame to destroy Stan’s legacy, but it’s been a long time since they did anything worthy of the brand anyway.

If you were doing to rebrand the X-Men what would you go with? ‘X’? ‘X-humans’? ‘X-non-gender-specifics’.


I honestly think this is a non-issue. I believe that the X-Men will remain the X-Men for quite some time to come.


I have never heard anyone (woman or otherwise) express a problem with the name X-Men. So I think it’s probably fine.


Well, there was a joke back in the Claremont/Silvestri run where Jubilee wondered why a photo of all women had a monograph about the “X-Men” on it…


If you can find a person who isn’t on the right using this to complain about people on the left potentially complaining about it even though no people on the left are complaining about it yet, then something might happen.

But until then. No.It wont.


I think that sometimes, sometimes, a name is catchy enough to get away with stuff like this. It rolls off the tongue in a way where it’s understandable to keep it. That would be a problem if it wasn’t self aware, but as Lorcan pointed out, it has been for a long time. Add to that the fact that women have always been represented strongly as an important part of the team - of the original 5 the only female member actually turned out to be the strongest - and the fact you have X-Factor, X-Force and what not, X-Men is kind of like when you say ‘actors’ - it’s a catch-all term as, at least in modern times, you have always had women involved in acting so you know it means both. If X-Men started as 5 men and no women we would think differently of the term, but the widest known versions, the cartoon and movies, always have had strong women characters under the banner and as it’s an ensemble, it tends to pass the Bechdel test more often than not purely by the fact there is so many female characters.

For these reasons I can’t see it changing, but there will be more reference to using the term ‘X-Men and women’ I’d imagine and in the MCU I can see them dropping self aware jokes in the same way they do with the sillier aspects of characters.


I don’t see it changing at all. It’s part of the cultural lexicon now. There is no cry for change.

“X-Men” has come to represent far more than the name implies.


It would be silly to change this. People are ridiculous.


No-one is asking for this change. I think Chris is just bored. :wink:


The conversation came about following a conversation about Deadpool 2, which poked fun at the idea a few times during its duration (the uncut version did anyway). Consensus was we are all a bit like 40 year old rabits in the headlights lost in a world that is changing too fast for us.

Looking at some x-men books this morning made me think about it again. Hence the thread.

Edit - I don’t know if anyone asking for this change or not, going looking for that answer on social media will only depress me.
I just wondered what you lot thought and if you were to rebrand it what would you call it. All the good names are used up already.




Pretty sure Marvel got the rights to the name Ex-Mutants when they bought Malibu…


Maybe, if the books were more successful, actually had some sales success and were more high profile, maybe it’d matter more but then there is the historical tendency to see it as far than than it’s literal terminology.

I’d rank the bigger danger to be that the way Marvel continues to handle the books is that no one will care about it.

That it is that way in the era we are in is stunning, but for all the wrong reasons.


I’m not arguing for this at all, but it was kinda funny in Brian Wood’s recent X-Men series, where the whole cast was female. I really enjoyed that book regardless.


I mean, aren’t all women x-men, really? Boom, terrible chromosome joke!


I don’t think the name is going to be changing to the X-non-binaries any time. I know people look for the next war on whatever but I don’t see this battle happening anytime soon. it’s a name like Wegmans. I don’t see them getting upset because the word “man” exists in a name-brand.


I think Chris does make a decent point. The X Men as an allegory will get alot of rope because they stand for diversity and championed differences in people right from the off. The idea of what the X Men are & stand for is what makes them beloved - their rosters are filled with regular people, tall, short, fat, thin, black, white, all nationalities - all coming together in a big school where they’re accepted for who they are. It’s a very futuristic vision, even now in 2018.

Fox didn’t really play hard on this theme, they more or less just made them straight superheroes, but with the abundance of Young Adult fiction these days I imagine that Disney will play up this aspect as a means to step away from their white male standard that’s been the building block of the MCU. X Men should be international & diverse, and it’s message should be that everyone is special and everyone should be conformable being their unique selves. In that setting the term X Men doesn’t hold up to scrutiny like it once did. No-one today would create a title called the X Men. Of all the Marvel brands this one is the biggest hotspot that might need updating.

I’d bet there’s been conversations already at Disney about whether they could change the brand. I don’t know if there’s any good alternatives, or if it’s worth doing (as making the change could set off a new backlash), but for sure there’s an argument to doing something new.


Meh… X-Men is like the G-Men or the Men in Black… it’s more of a designation, not about gender. No need to change anything.


I agree with this. I do wonder what a good alternative might be. X-Force is probably the most obvious.


Any of the ancilliary books could do it (X-Force, X-Factor, Generation X, etc…).

But what for? I mean, in the end, “X-Men” is not even correct in that they’re not even “men” at all, they’re mutants… they should be called X-Mutants =P