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How much did each Avenger get paid in Ultron movie?


This is astonishing to me. The fact that Evans and Renner got paid more than Hemsworth in particular is a real surprise. Evans has never headlined a successful non-Marvel movie whereas Hemsworth has his own franchises like Huntsman and lots more on the way. He’s a bona-fide movie star.



Interesting. Perhaps the amounts may be linked to whatever deals were struck when they were originally cast, at which point Evans and Renner were both better-known than Hemsworth.


Interesting that they would be willing to pay so much to get a well-known actress to play Black Widow and yet also choose to under-market Black Widow merchandise. Not exactly going to get a great return on that investment.


I would guess they were on three picture deals, but this would have been Hemsworth’s fourth outing as Thor so I’d imagine he could renegotiate. I know RDJ actually got paid MORE than what they’re saying here, but they got him for such a song on the first Iron Man movie (way less than Terence Howard got paid for a supporting role) that I’m glad he’s creaming it in now.

Iron Man without RDJ and we would have had a very, very different set of Marvel movies at the moment. They owe him everything.



Mark Ruffalo got the least!!! That’s nutty - he’s the best actor in that bunch, the one I’d go and see in anything. I loved him in Zodiac and since then I’ve been a big fan. I guess it’s all about your track record as a lead box office draw though. And at $2.8 million my sympathy only extends so far. :slight_smile:


Forgot how awesome Ruffalo was in Colateral. You think they’d go for a bit of parity since they’re all a draw now… Makes you also wonder what Chris Pratt will be able to command once he enters into the Avengers fold!


Marvel have got more confident as they go on and sign these guys up for longer, we’ve heard some actors have signed for 7 films. It would be a lot different I imagine if they had a blank slate every film, Pratt could demand an enormous amount after Jurassic World but in all likelyhood they benefit from breaking him in as a leading man and quite a few films in his contract.


I agree completely. And also to a (possibly lesser) extent, Jon Favreau. I feel like Iron Man really set the ‘house style’ for Marvel’s movies, and we’re still seeing them follow that lead today.


Yes, and as ever our knowledge of all the contractual dealings is very limited, based pretty much on whatever they let slip in interviews. Jackson was signed up early for a lot of appearances because they knew they wanted to sprinkle him through the movies, RDJ was originally down for three but then renegotiated for four and then struck further deals for everything post-Iron Man Three, Sebastian Stan signed up for a lot of movies straight off… all the deals are different, so it’s really hard to make a good guess at what we don’t know for sure.


I want to know how much Linda Cardellini was paid—hers was the most welcome face in that movie. Actually, forget the next movie’s plans. I just want to see Hawkeye hanging out with his wife and kids, redoing the hardwood floors and whatnot. For conflict, maybe they can get into a spat about the singer Seal…


It was $75m, good job.


They’re all worth serious money in these films, but outside of them, how do they perform?

RDJ is going great with Marvel and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ but something like ‘The Judge’ is less appealing, despite the promise of him chewing up the courtroom with a group of talented co stars.

Hemsworth hasn’t proven himself a star yet, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ did great but ‘Blackhat’ dropped dead.

Johansson IS a star, after the success of ‘Lucy’ she should be in a ‘Black Widow’ movie by now. It is crazy they’ve never sorted that out.


I agree, he is my favorite in that bunch too, but he doesn’t have as much to do as the other characters and not as big a Marvel commitment outside of Avengers.


What about Rush. I thought he was pretty great in it.


He was. This isn’t about acting ability it’s about selling power.

Can his presence in a film sell more tickets?

‘Blackhat’ was his movie and no one was interested. Lets see how ‘Heart of the Sea’ does? It looks like a great role for him and it’s Ron Howard again.


Did Rush not do well?


But was that him, or would any good looking blonde actor have been fine?

How many tickets does he sell? That determines how much he gets paid.


I think Hemsworth was with IFA when he negotiated contracts for Thor and Avengers while Evans was with CAA. Could be the reason Hemsworth is now with CAA, maybe?

Here it is:

“They had a fallout over several things. She just played everything wrong,” a source tells us. “They just were not on the same page for the last month or two. But the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Ilene.” One of the key jobs for his new agency is raising Hemsworth’s salary: Marvel pays very little, and Hemsworth received $5M for the Huntsman role. Really hard to predict where Hemsworth is ultimately headed. His brother Liam is repped by Ward and WME. Ward’s wife Louise Ward is a UTA agent repping Channing Tatum. And CAA now represents a lot of Marvel’s top talent including almost all The Avengers stars and will no longer be hamstrung by its no-poaching agreement with Feldman.

Apparently, your agent does matter when you reach a certain level.


Nope, Hemsworth personified Hunt in that role, just like Brühl embodied Lauda. Amazing performances. Definitely Ron Howard’s best film to date; although I’m hoping In the Heart of the Sea is even better (great book by Nathaniel Philbrick, if you haven’t read).

And yes, whilst I get that acting performances don’t dictate pay checks, you just have to look at Meryl Streep’s recent comments after all, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Cap or Thor now. I love both of them as those characters.

Hemsworth is a charismatic leading man but Evans has made some smart, interesting choices. He was great in Sunshine, The Losers, Push and Snowpiercer; just a shame that didn’t translate in terms of box office numbers. Will be interesting to see how he does as a director.

Also, Age of Ultron was after Thor 2 and Winter Soldier and I know which one I preferred. Would be difficult to argue that Winter Soldier isn’t one of the best films of the Marvel Universe to date. Plus Captain America led to the awesome that is Agent Carter but, on the other hand, where’s my Black Widow film already? Okay, now I’m conflicted :wink:


I think you’re cherry picking there. Sherlock Holmes was a summer blockbuster and designed and marketed to be so. Blackhat was a piece of crap squit out in the middle of January. Scar Jo never had a hit before Marvel and since only has Lucy, which may have been more about the director than her.

RDJ is without question the driving force of the Marvel universe, so $40 million a movie makes sense. But Hemsworth and Evans should each be earning $10 million a movie or more - each has been the lead actor for over a billion in Marvel revenues and are equal cornerstones of the Marvel universe. While it’s hard to sympathize with someone only earning $6 million dollars, they’re underpaid by quite a margin. I hope each of them find their own franchises some point in the future as I think each of them has the talent to have their own breakout property.