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How Many Comics are in your collection?


How many comics, or boxes of comics are in your collection? Which comics have you been collecting the longest, and thereby have the longest run of? Which writer or artist will you collect, no matter what they put out?


I currently have 49 short boxes of comics, each holding about 220 comics on average, so that’s somewhere between 10,000 - 11,000 books. I also have about 9 short boxes of TPBs and HCs,

The book I’ve currently been collecting the longest is SAVAGE DRAGON, beginning with issue #1 of the miniseries in 1992 and continuing to the most recent issue #210. Other long runs include BRPD (up to current issue #138), an unbroken run of the original UNCANNY X-MEN from #180 through 325, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 62 through 144 (with 6 missing issues), and Marvel’s original CONAN THE BARBARIAN from 6 through 112 (less 5 missing issues).

Writers that I follow from book to book include Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Brian K. Vaughan, and Mike Mignola. I’m not so loyal to artists anymore, with the exception of Mignola.



I have three long boxes and one short box that are partially full. I also have a couple shelves that are about 3/4 full of trades.


I’ve been collecting comics since 1970 I have roughly 16,000 individual issues in my collection.


I just bought my second short, box and started to scratch my head - thinking that maybe I was getting too many comics. But now I feel better. Thanks!! Brubaker… I am very excited to read The Fade Out finale later/soon… It is sitting on my desk.


Wow! Is this a comic book store or your house? That is pretty awesome.

@RonnieM I would have thought the several boxes were a lot, if I didn’t see these photos.

@menichols That’s about 6 - 7 comics a week consistently. I guess I am on par to reach that… in a few decades.


I’ve moved twice in the last five years and sized down my collection both times. I really need to go through another cull.


Actual comics in my collection: 2
Batman 500 Foil Cover Variant.
Hawkman 1 Foil Cover Variant

The rest are all trades or digital.


I’ve always kept my comics to around 2000. Since I was eighteen or so. Every time I add some new ones I lose the same number (or thereabouts) I haven’t looked at in a long time. The only ones that must never be moved on are my childhood Superman comics and the various titles Superman appeared in like JLA. Everything else is always in danger. 90s Vertigo my most recent clearing out.

PS Also got 50 copies of each edition of each creator owned book and 50 copies of edition of each trade. You get these sent as comps and I’m drowning in them. Works out around 1200 comics a year and around 200 trades a year going back a decade or so. Am continually off-loading them, but have so many in my cellar I have nothing else in there, all boxed up!


I’ve got between 400 and 500 trades and hardcovers. Actual pamphlets, maybe only 12 now.


Well, if you ever feel like mailing something to Australia…


How do you do your clearing out, Mark? Just give them away? I’ve started back on the eBaying but it’s a dull process.

Think I’ve got about 6 or so long boxes, so maybe 3-4000 or so.


That is crazy. I had no idea you got so many. I have friends who are novelists and get that many, but they only have one book out every 3-4 years. What are you realistically supposed to do with all of that?


Hang on. A longbox only holds 300 so that’s 1800 in total :slightly_smiling:

I give them away to local comic stores and, where age appropriate, give them away to schools, doctor’s surgeries, etc. Got pals in various places and they all seem to go down well.

The only really tricky ones are the foreign adaptation and I get maybe ten or twenty copies of each MW trade in about 10 or more languages. 4 trades a year. You can see how they mount up!



Oh yeah, freebies must be a problem. Remind me to get sick next time I’m in Glasgow though.

My sums must be wrong, I counted 3000 years ago when I was a teen and I kept collecting until recently but god knows where they all are. The local kids are probably siphoning them out of my garage.


Would that not be something that School libraries would like to have? I.e. something cool that teenagers might respond to, but in a different language.

My wife just got a job as a school librarian and is currently trying to drag her library into the 21st century.


Yeah, I don’t have that many. A box and a half. But a half box of that are comics I don’t want. The first few issues of a bunch of series I ended up just not caring for after giving them a shot. I feel bad just throwing them out. The ones that weren’t full of swear words, I just gave to my nephew. What is the standard way to dispose of the excess?


Wow, yeah… I have not even accounted for people reading digitally.


About 2 years ago I had around 13,000 comics. Now that is done to say 8,000. I’m guessing at about 300 trades/hardbacks and 50 custom binds which each contain 20-30 original comics so there’s another 1500 floppies right there. I’m slowing thinning it all down as I realise most of it doesn’t warrant rereads and nostalgia can only take you so far in terms of hanging onto stuff.

My longest runs, that I still own, in singles are DD from 1987 to the end of the recent Waid run (not interested in the Soule book), FF from issue 260 (1983) to the end of Hickman’s run (2012) and Batman from 1992 to the start of the Nu52.