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How good is this Green Lantern drawing?


Done by my four year old, unprompted while she was colouring in Hello Kitty…


It’s good, but isn’t it a bit disconcerting that your daughter is drawing Green Lantern? Shouldn’t she be drawing Superman? :smile:


Superman? Bah!



Yeah, it’s really weird. She has the GL play-people character I bought when we were all in Chicago, but other than the 1960s cartoons and Lego movies she never even sees him. Wonder Woman, etc, her current obsessions.

Interestingly, she has no interest in Marvel at all. Like, AT ALL.



My daughters 8 and at a Comic Mart in Glasgow last year whilst looking at a stall that sold pillow covers amongst other things she chose a pillow cover that had all the different Lantern symbols on it. This was instead of hello kitty , My little Pony and even Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I asked her why and she said it was because she wanted to learn what all the other colours of Lantern were for !
I think it’s great that more and more young women are into the characters and there is more and more stuff out there for them but there should be more .You should have seen the trouble I had finding a Wonder Woman bag for her .


Did she end up loving those toys as much as you did? Have you introduced her to the Super Friends yet? You might blow her mind.


Oh God yeah. Her fave show. She loves those toys. LOVES them. She has exactly the same pop culture taste as a 40 year old man, which is hilarious.



So you’re turning your daughter into a 40 year old man? Is she going to start coming here and talking about how horrible comics/TV/movies are compared to back in her day like @Todd? :wink:


Everything I learned about being a grumpy old man I learned from @davidm. :wink:



I’m getting closer to that moment, hopefully it doesn’t end in a lightsaber battle. :wink:


Sorry to tell you but it probably will.

Upside is you get to be a Force Ghost!


If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can imagine…(even if I’m drunk)


In darkest day
In brightest night
No symbol shall escape my sight
Let those who worship that old Bat-Light
Beware my power, Kid Millar’s bite!

Yeah, she’s probably past biting, but I was at a loss for a rhyme.


What does the symbol stand for?

On my world it means “cute Japanese kitten girls character”

Hmmmm… Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it.


One day I’ll get round to making a Wonder Woman cosplay (hopefully at some point this year). When I do I’ll let you know so your wee girl can get some photos :slight_smile:


Rather impressive for a four year old :slight_smile:


Given that GL is THE superhero of imagination, I applaud your daughter’s prescient choice! Well done!