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How does 48 hours with Cordelia Swift sound? Free comic

Hello My fellow MillarWorld-ians?

Hope all is well with you all.
If not, let’s not bitch about it, it’s Friday and we all have problems, deal with it!

Some of you know me…I’m kind of a big deal ‘round here.
(Not really, I’m lying to myself.)

But, every now and then I like to put pen to paper to scribble down one of those so called comics for fun.

I then pay an artist in an attempt to try and decipher those descriptions to form some kind story that people may like to read.

And I have only gone and done it again with my Comic: The Adventures of Cordelia Swift.
The first issue is done and I decided that I’m going to stick the entire first issue up on here on MillarWorld for the whole weekend for anyone and everyone to read….For Free.
I love this forum.
I’ve met some wonderful people on here and the encouragement they have given on my writing has meant the world to me, so I want to share my work.
Plus, what is the point of having a comic made, if no one is reading it?
Why only for the weekend?
Because, I’m a dick.
So, don’t let the nice guy façade above convince you otherwise!

The first arc is four issues long and Issue two is being drawn up as we speak (or as I type thisc, so don’t be facetious)
And I’ll most likely tease you some of that as and when it arrives too.

So, for the next 48 hours, please enjoy the first full issue of Cordelia Swift on me…
Comments and feedback are always welcome, both good and bad.

Hope you like it.



Sorry guys and girls, times up.


Damn. With all the hustle of getting ready for NYC, I forgot about this. It’s heading to the top of my read pile when I get home. @mattgarvey1981 is the real deal. Get in on the ground floor, Millarworlders.


That’s awesome Matt. Thank you very much.

The art looks amazing. As I said before, it has a hint of Will Eisner about it (which is no bad thing).


Bless you, Big Ron :wink:

You are waaaaay too kind.

Cheers, Simon.
I’m glad you liked it.
Thanks for the compliments.
Hopefully the whole 1st arc will be as enjoyable.
They will be some jokes in there at some point too! :smiley:

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Comic looks lovely. Really nice art. At work just now. But looking forward to reading this when I get home.

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Just under an hour left until I take this down!


This was great Matt. A lot going on here but it reads very smoothly. And the art is wonderful, as is the lettering (it’s amazing how much difference that can make).

Congratulations on it and I look forward to reading more.

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Thank you for the kind words, Dave.

Issues 2 is being done as we speak.
So, my tease some soon.

Thanks again for reading it.
Much appreciated.

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Sorry guys and girls, times up.

For those of you that got to read it, I hope you liked it.

Those who did and commented, thank you ever so much for the kind words.

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The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #1 - This was another great yarn from @mattgarvey1981. I love how the story mixes Jekyll & Hyde with historically significant people. This is probably my favorite variation on the steam punk idea. The art is great and fits the story and tone very well. I’ll look forward to more issues of this.

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And you shall read more issues, my friend.


Thanks for the glowing review.
I tip my hat to you, sir. :wink:

Now all I need is to find some that will pay me to Erie these stories, or at he very least the artist.
I’m skint!

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He Chris,

Hopefully oh got to read it before I took it down?
If not let me know and I’ll send you over the PDF.



Finished the cover to The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #1 last night!
Gonna be doing a small print run soon, so i’d love to know what you think?


I like that. Very grabbing.

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cheers, fella.

Also finished the cover for #2 too.