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How do I get an "A level" professional to appear at our con?

I help organize a comic, toy, art and cosplay show in Northeast Ohio.

We’ve put on seven, one-day shows in Warren, Ohio. Our show this year had 2500 paid attendees through the door. We limit our professional guests to just two or so. In the past we’ve had Jim Steranko, Mike Golden, James O’Barr and Darryl Banks.

Next year we’re moving to a larger venue in Youngstown, Ohio (Elton John has played it twice and Kiss was just there last weekend) and making our show a two day one. We want to find an A+ guest or two and expand with a splash, as it were.

We are willing to pay all travel, lodging and appearance fees. I make it a point to put that fact in with every e-mail or facebook message I send to perspective guests or their representatives.

I send concise, polite and to the point e-mails and messages. I don’t send multiple e-mails (thought I’ve sent follow-up ones after a month or so). I don’t come off like a fan looking to make a connection. I would like to think I’m reaching out to these folks with my best foot forward.

All that being said, I just don’t get much in the way of responses back. I understand that people are busy. I get that lots of professionals have their con circuit already ingrained in their yearly travels. I understand that a convention in the middle of the Mahoning Valley in Northeast Ohio has little cachet.

Does anybody have any advice or suggestions?

Our next show is July of 2017 and we’re really trying to finalize someone before this year’s end.

Thanks for any thoughts or comments.

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@mattgarvey1981 Would be up for it I am sure. By next year he will be hard to book!


Only if Diz is the other guest!
We’re a team after all…


It’s a tough row to hoe. I see how many requests Mark gets via Facebook alone. Tons per week.

Stating up front that you are paying all expenses and an appearance fee is a good start, though.

Good luck!

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Drugging and Kidnapping?

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Work the network you’ve already built. Ask the people who’ve been guests before to talk to the pros they know about their experience, which should carry a bit more weight than Bob Randompromoter messaging them out of the blue


In fairness, Bob Randompromoter is pretty well-established by this point. (I blame nepotism.)


Why not get an imposter? Especially for comic book writers since they all look the same anyway. Beards and bad haircuts.

Paul Dini

Robert Kirman

Jonathan Hickman

Greg pak

As long as they aren’t artists, no one would be able to tell the difference. Oops, that leaves Hickman out. :wink:

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@mattgarvey1981 can almost pass for Robert Kirkman if you put a skunk on his shoulder


Ok, someone needs to photoshop that! NOW!!!