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How did you decide on your Millarworld Annual entry?


Hi All!

Looking at my own process for this, it made me curious: How did YOU select which title you were going to submit for?

To be honest, that for me, was one of the hardest parts of this contest – choosing the “right” one. It wasn’t a decision I could’ve made on my own so easily, so I asked my modest fan-base (I’ve been self-publishing for a few years now) which title they’d like to see me tackle. And the top picks were Hit-Girl, Chrononauts and Kingsman – but I recognized this for the HUGE opportunity it truly has been and didn’t want to go where I was expected to go. I wanted a challenge. So I chose, American Jesus – certainly a challenging book to write, depending on your own belief structure, but its also one of the most potent of titles in the bunch (as an as yet, unfinished trilogy) – to hang my hat.

To that effect, how did you choose yours:
a.) Personal favorite title/character?
b.) You wrote to your strengths as a writer?
c.) You wanted to step outside of your comfort zone?


Well. For me it wasn’t that hard. I had kingsman trade comic. So, it was accessible to me. And since this was my first time writing, I’m not sure of what my strengths as a writer are. Also, while I was writing it, I think I just saw spectre. So, I wanted to write a story in the spy genre which I thought would be fun. :smile:


Using your current mindset is a pretty good idea! Keep that in your rolodex as one of your strengths!


Thanks man. I wanted to keep it simple since overthinking things sometimes takes the fun out of doing it. :smile:


For me, I chose Chrononauts because it fit into the types of stories and genre that I’m most interested in writing long term, and I thought I could have the most fun with it. I also thought about Kingsman, but i’m not as familiar with that property.


I LOVE Chrononauts – I think we talked about every issue on Black, White & READ…but for me, it almost had TOO MANY options. I was afraid I’d be too bogged down with trying to pick a timeline, character interactions, etc.

Good on you for tackling that monster! Lol!


I was surprised more people didn’t select Chrononauts to be honest because the scope was so wide compared to the others. Tell any story in history with these two guys.

I can appreciate though that sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming.




I had already written a solo Hit-Girl scene as an intro to our next fan film project but changed it up considerably to bring it in line with the comic universe. It was fun to write something without having to think about limitations on budget, casting, locations or FX. I would love to reshoot that scene as I rewrote it but alas…all the things I mentioned. :wink:
Chrononauts would have been my next choice. :slight_smile:


The big reason for me was Chrononaut’s wide open nature for creativity. Being able to pull anything from history is a huge option, and allows for unlimited creativity. While Chrononauts often focused on Corbin, I wanted to see a little more Danny Reilly, so I used him as the focus for my script. I also hoped it would differentiate me slightly from other scripts who may have had Corbin as the focus.

I think my personal strength in writing is the ability to find humour in what would be a dark situation. My script has dinosaurs tearing apart Spartan and Persian soldiers, yet still remained fairly light-hearted and a little tongue in cheek.

4 pages would have been my shortest script to date, and yes it presented a very real challenge in finishing it. However, 4 pages is manageable to write that it didn’t seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb.


I didn’t have a ton of time and to be totally honest, I hadn’t read ANY of the comics listed…:flushed: and only recently gotten back into comics because of a co-worker who found out I used to read X-men back in the day and we started talking comics again and was enthralled by Huck (being that Image comics let’s you download CBR versions of their books).

I skimmed the synopsis pages for each one and it was a close-call between Chrononauts and Starlight. But the character of Duke and the whole pulp sci-fi thing won out in the end.

So, I bought the trade and read it in a Jo-Anne’s Fabrics on my phone while my wife shopped. As I was reading it, a few ideas started going through my head and by the next morning I settled on my story of Duke being trapped inside of a HUGE creature he killed and had to escape. Actually a thought went through my head that a New Yorker might find the inside of a monster MORE pleasing than the subway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved the idea that Duke would do ANYTHING to win, even dive down the throat of a huge scaly Raiju-like monster…he doesn’t play by the rules and will do anything to win, even kick people in the nards, right?

Last night I picked up the Chrononauts trade on Comixology, and dang-it, that would have been fun to write too! NEXT YEAR!!!


I’ve had only read Chosen, Kingsman, Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl at that point so that limited the scope of what I could do.

I thought that Kick-Ass and Hi-Girl would be the most popular so thought I’d play the numbers game and go for one that wouldn’t be as popular (not sure it made any difference from reading the feedback threads).

For me, American Jesus just semed more like my kind of ‘thing’ really. Having since read Starlight I reckon I would have a pretty good story for next year.



I entered on a whim. The seed of my idea was putting your family in a Hit Girl story. :wink:


I’m surprised, too. It’s a great set up – great banter with your two leads, which also allows for obvious exposition, and a very wide canvas to play upon.

From a creative perspective, it was the most logical/pregnant choice, I think, followed by Starlight (which gave one a whole alien world to play with, but no obvious personal dynamic).


I picked Kingsman simply because of the church scene in the movie and I wanted to do a sequence that would make a great action scene like that.

The brief I gave myself was - An everyday sort of situation that descends into madness. One that pits Gary/Eggsy against an element of society that we tolerate but don’t necessarily like.

I think that because of the situation I chose, I maybe took the character into more ludicrous territory than I should have, but I wrote it while looking after my nephew who was watching Adventure Time on a loop and that may have ‘bled in’ a bit.

I write alot of serious stuff but with this (as it’s in no way your place to do any major developments character wise) I just wanted to try to pile as much fun onto five pages as possible. I had alot of fun writing it. I kind of just set it up and went where it took me.


It was pretty much a coin toss between Chrononauts and Starlight for me. I ended up going with Chrononauts because I wanted to write about them playing at being cowboys while riding dinosaurs.


I almost immediately took that one out of the running because there was so much potential, that I didn’t want to get lost on time (pun intended). I definitely give props to everyone who jumped in on that one.

I want to find the one about them seeing Elvis for a bday present – that sounds phenomenal!


Sounds like you’re pretty active in the cinematic world – anything we may have seen? #ShareShare!!!


Active only in the form of a hobby, :wink: though my daughter has been talking about wanting to get into acting. Here’s the thread about my family’s project.


Easy answer here… I would have liked to have submitted a story for each book in one shot. However, I didn’t find out about the contest until two days before it’s original end date. If Mark hadn’t graciously extended the contest deadline, I wouldn’t have gotten any in at all… The extension was appreciated and provided me a modicum of breathing room. I’m glad I was able to participate, even if I only was able to sqeeze two stories in.