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How can I have jet-lag just from being in Greece?


I always get horrible jet-lag. The weird thing is that no matter what time I go to sleep I always wake up around 7am UK time. So if I’m in New York and drinking all night and in at 1.30am I wake up at 2am, bright as a button. For days. Then I crash around the third day and have no idea what time I sleep or wake.

LA is worse because it’s an eight hour time difference. I’m usually in LA for very short spells, four or five days maybe, and the whole time I try to get to bed around midnight as my body thinks it’s 8am and then I sleep for an hour, totally awake until next morning when I have to get up for work.

But Greece is my new and most annoying on. It’s two hours and EAST, but still. The whole time I was in Greece I was on UK time and wake up at 9am every day, but as soon as I’m home I’m waking up at 5am thinking it’s 7am. It’s mental. That’s two nights now and both mornings I’m awake at 5 and ready to get going.

Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions? I’m in the States next month and need to be ready to wage war on jet-lag this time.

PS Booze doesn’t change anything, except it’s delicious!!


Maybe you’ve found a way to game your jet lag. Is there any way you can get to LA by flying EAST instead of WEST?


Hmm. That’s interesting.

Boat is the smartest way to get to NYC, according to Matthew Vaughn. You just go to bed an hour earlier every day of the trip.

Note: He has never actually done this and it’s merely his theory as of this morning :slight_smile:


I love NYC and Toronto and would head out regularly in the past but due to being a heavy snorer I didn’t sleep on plane for fear of ruining my fellow travellers journey and could never sleep properly once I got there . I was always unwell when I returned and it was something I never cracked.


I am Greek so I think I can help :smiley:


I think when you eat can be a factor. Your stomach is in charge much of the time, so if you force yourself to eat at the normal times you’d eat at home it should figure out sleep time is a few hours after a big dinner.


See, the eating thing is weird as I’ll maybe arrive in LA and start a huge meal that evening, eating just a few mouthfuls as my body thinks it’s 4am. Then I’m starving a few hours later when my body needs breakfast. It takes me around a week to semi-tune in and by this point I’m home and suddenly on LA time.

I’ve got producer pals who fly around the world twice a week and seem OK with it. It’s weird, but Vaughn is exactly the same which is why he tends to make all his movies on this time zone.



As far as I can figure, you’re royally screwed. I do not think there is an answer. I don’t think, until recently, I was ever on a “normal” (daytime) schedule. Even so, jet lag was a cruel taskmaster. This is a tough one.

Develop a taste for coffee? I’d guzzle coffee to keep going, and, when I stopped, sleep came like an excited Pomeranian puppy.


I don’t think you can really get jet lag from a 2 hour time difference. I do think travelling long distances by air is tiring though, you add on to any flight the travel to get to the airport and check in and collect baggage and all that. Even a one hour city jaunt is really at least 3.

When there are big time zone differences (and boy am I used to them, travelling to Texas from Malaysia for work takes nearly 2 days, back to the UK to see family is at least one), it is easier when you have to stay awake than sleep when your body doesn’t want to. I set my watch to the destination as soon as I leave and try and fit into that as fast as I can. I do find alcohol helps me though, used to have a regime when travelling to the UK via Dubai of watching all the movies on the first leg, several pints of Guinness at the ‘Irish Village’ while changing planes and then sleep on the second leg. Worked a treat.


I’m great at going to sleep. That’s never an issue. The only trouble is that regardless of time I wake up at 7am UK time. It can be a 7 hour sleep or a 9 hour sleep or a 1 hour sleep. I just wake up at the same time every day and feel fresh as a daisy.

It catches up with me after a couple of days. Like I woke up at 5am today and will be nodding by 10pm but will force myself to stay awake until 12 so I can get back on a regular wake up. It’s super-annoying!



I can only speak for the long haul UK-NZ/Aus

Basically 1-2 days out we slowly move our eating schedules to NZ time, going as far as changing the styles of food we would eat dinner for breakfast lunch at about 11-midnight plus small snacks and plenty of water getting us hydrated and ready for travel.

Once we are at the airport we change one of our phones/watches to our destination time and try to start sleeping on that schedule even taking sleeping pills if necessary.
Usually works pretty well and as long as fluids and food taken at the right time the body adjusts quite well.
Upon arrival we try not to do to much immediately in the first 24 hours but you must force yourself to stay awake and go to bed even if your body isn’t ready for it.
Upon return we take 3-4 days at home before getting back to work or driving to far (which is always an issue for me traveling between Dumfries and Lanarkshire)

Basically the earliest you can start preparing your body the better.


Have you tried taking melatonin or ZMA before going to bed?
I realize you said you don’t have trouble falling asleep but those can help you get good sleep, stay asleep as you need.


Lanarkshire? North or South? :slight_smile:


All ML postcodes and G69/G72 plus all DG! Fun!


My what a big area you have !

I’m originally an ML3 but I’m now an ML9 :grin: