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How and what to get signed?


The last person I asked for an autograph was John Candy when he was filming Uncle Buck, so I don’t collect signatures. :wink: However having something signed by Mark Millar would be pretty bad-ass! I’m not sure of the protocol at a comic shop signing, can you bring in a book to get signed or do you have to get one at the shop? Do most people get the cover signed or the inside? My inclination was to get a Kick-Ass book signed because that’s my favorite MM story so far…

But over the last few months I have added a few more books…

Jupiter’s Legacy seems to disappeared into my daughters room with the above Kick-Ass 3. :wink:
Do you have to get to the shop early to get inline? I’m not sure what to expect, my daughter wants to go in costume but I know it will be crowded and probably warm for that. Any advice?


Usually at signings you can bring your own stuff along (although I always think it’s a nice courtesy to buy something from the shop that’s hosting it while you’re there).

How many books is reasonable to ask to get signed probably depends on the size of the queue, but at the ones I’ve been to they usually let you take up a few at a time (although I have seen some people go round and queue up several times just to get loads of stuff signed).

How early you get there depends on how busy it is, which I guess depends on how big the store is and how many people are likely to turn up! Impossible to say I suppose.

As for where on the book you get signed, it’s up to you really. At the MM signing I went to recently, I got a personalised signing on the inner leaf of one of my hardbacks (a big empty space that’s perfect for the purpose). But single issues don’t have that, so the cover is usually a good bet.


I’ve not been to a store signing but I have done several con signings. Whoever is holding the signing might have guidelines posted somewhere before the signing. At cons, the polite amount is usually 3 items (maybe 5 at the most). Sometimes those things are limited sometimes they are not. I’ve been in lines where people have asked Claremont to sign what seemed like his entire run on Uncanny X-Men. That just pisses everyone off. Most signings allow you to bring whatever you like to be signed. The usual exception is a book release signing where you’re maybe only allowed one other item besides the book being released. I would always come early as lines form fast. In costume is great but I understand there are also comfort factors involved. These are not hard and fast rules but maybe give you a starting point. Some others may have some added insight. Does that help?

This is a great question by the way.


Thanks guys, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Chicago appearance so I’ll check out the shop once a location is announced. I’ve only been to one con and that was just for gaming, the crowds are pretty big so I’m hoping he’ll be at a comic shop instead.


I’ve sent you a private message AJ.

In general you want to limit your items to about 5. Cosplay is encouraged as it’ll get Mark to be all excited and maybe want to take a picture. And others will want to take their picture with you too, which is always fun. You can bring your own books in, you don’t have to buy them there. Most people do the cover for single issues, the inside for trades.


If in doubt, ask. Phone, email, Facebook, etc the store holding the event for guidance. I’d also echo the advice given of buying something from the store too.

I’m now racking my brains trying to think what I’ve got signed…


This. The second part is really worth taking note of. I’ve a couple trades signed by Mark which have had the ink worn off the cover. :cry:


I also am the proud owner of a massively smudged secret service TPB because I assumed it had dried after Mark had signed it on the cover. I was mistaken. Inside page for trades always. Lesson learned.


Thanks for the advice guys, I hadn’t thought about the wet ink concern.


I did learn my lesson re: smudged cover sigs. Met David Lloyd and got him to sign this splash page in one of my trades. Think it looks better in this context rather than on the cover. Asked Gary Erskine to do similar but unfortunately he doesn’t have quite as a dramatic signature as Lloyd.


I once had John Cassaday sign a copy of Astonishing X-Men #1 in silver ink. As I slipped it back in the bag, I could see the ink smear.


Less than a week to go, my daughter’s book bag is packed! :thumbsup:


Signed by the Chief! :thumbsup:

I picked these up that day. I’m going to read the last few pages of Red Son tonight (really dragging it out), I’m kicking myself now for not getting it signed. I had no idea how much I would love it! :hearts:

Edit: My daughter reminded me of 2 other items, these will get mounted and framed but she added them to her Kick-Ass wall right away.


You should have had Red Son Superman sign your trade. :wink:

Patrick and Will were signing their in comic appearances. :wink:


Here’s what I had Mark “sign” last weekend.