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How amazing is this Jupiter's Legacy cover?


Two variants for this June launch, one by Mike Mayhew and one by Jae Lee. We also have a Millarworld retailer Variant drawn by Rob Liefeld and only stores registered here with the site can order, much like the Skottie Young cover for Empress #1. Plus, of course, the regular cover by MONTHLY Frank Quitely published MONTHLY. As in every four weeks. A continuing series books published MONTHLY. MONTHLY Frank Quitely.

I still can’t get used to writing this and it’s so, so exciting!!

PS Check out Mike’s variant. I love this so much!


The talent just keeps getting better and better.


Fantastic work! Hopefully you can get him on a series :wink:


That’s great, Chief. Do you have the Liefeld one in hand yet? Would love to see it.


Should have it week after next, Ron. I’ll send you the pencils as soon as they’re in.



Very cool. Thanks, Mark.


Fantastic cover!


Great cover but if I wasn’t already bursting to see the next issue of what is probably my favourite title of all time you go and get Rob to do a cover! His Starlight variant is one of my favourites.


I loooooooooooove this and Jupiter’s Circle. Circle #5 blew my mind! I’ve thought of customizing action figures of Legacy and Circle.


Freaking AMAZING! :sunglasses: :thumbsup: