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smart people help me!
We are currently living in the in laws guest house as our house gets built. Dad has good wifi in the main house but our place (separated by a garage) gets a half strength signal that will boot us off the wifi from time to time and has annoyingly long buffering when streaming on our devices (apple TV, Chromecast, iPad and iPhones.) Even worse when I try to use airplay to stream.

I bought a $20 range extender but it is not consistent and will produce bad buffering and boot us off.

What’s the best solution to get the strongest signal up in this piece? Repeater? New Modem? A better extender?


The simplest solution is to try having the router situated in the garage, central to all users. I’d say try that before splashing out on extenders, they can be expensive.

Edit: If that doesn’t work come back to me and I’ll help you pick the right solution.


I used powerline extenders that use your electrical cabling to extend the signal. They were pretty cheap and turned a one bar signal in my bedroom to a five bar.


Definitely a good option if you have a complete circuit. Couldn’t use them in my case, unfortunately, so I would worry in this case that the garage between could be a break in the main circuit of electricity. If not, Gar’s solution is definitely the best. They’re relatively easy to set up too.


Tell your father-in-law that they need to move into the guest house while you live in the main house until your house is built in order to get better wifi. I’m sure he’ll understand. :wink:


I use a TP Link AV 500 Powerline Starter Kit Wifi Extender. One plugs into your router, and then you can plug the other one (with the WiFi) as close to your garage as possible to extend your WiFi.

There may be newer models, etc, but this should work for you.