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Holiday music thread


Just like the title says, favorite Christmas songs, Hanukkah songs, etc. Discuss them here.


We have the Christmas music channel on constantly this time of year. I love “Blue Christmas” by Elvis. Every time it comes on I have to do the “ooo oooo ooo ooo.”

My parents love Mannheim Steamroller but I just can’t get into that.


I used this as reference music for Christmas scene in a thing I write, it’s got a real undercurrent of threat.

Colbert covered it with Henry Rollins on his show last night.

Bill Murray somehow managed to make Baby, It’s Cold Outside completely un-rapey in his so-so Netflix special which is good cause it’s a nifty wee tune.

Let It Snow is always going to be my favourite though.


Some more favorites of mine:



It’s not Christmas until your drunk uncle tries to shuffle with your mom around the living room to the melodic strains of…

And you know it’s true.


Judy Garland- Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

It is one of those rare Christmas songs, not of celebration, but of consolation. It is a song that says plainly that things are terrible right now, but there is hope that things might be better in the future. It says these things without ever believing them to be true.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. I do that sometimes.


I love to crank up these guys, and the live show is absolutely AMAZING! :santa::thumbsup:

I’ve used their music in a couple Christmas trailers, since I can’t post the new one until the 24th (maybe :wink: ) here is last year’s:


How could I forget about this Christmas gem…

Also, heard this today and got my first Christmas feels

Edit: This is a general reply phr0ggi, everyone just started replying as I did





Almost felt special there for a second Parker…



Rollins doing Carol of the Bells was genius.