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HIT GIRL offer


Dear Sir:

My name is Rich Perrotta… I was an inker for Marvel for close to 10 years and DC for two and decided to move to pencilling AND inking my art starting in 2014. I started with one series that I would draw for bi-monthly and now am working far more frequently with four separate independent books.

I would very much like a shot at HIT GIRL. being honest she was my favorite character both in the books and the movies and I feel that I would make a good fit for this title. Deadlines have never been an issue for me. Penciller OR inker. I am very easy to contact and am steadfast in my professional manner and how I take care of things.

I am attaching a few pages in JPEG format from some of the books I have been fortunate to work on. Please feel free to contact me either by here (which I will be checking daily) or by email if you wish.

Thank you VERY much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards:

Rich Perrotta

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