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Hit Girl mini comic


I did this as a sample for MM new Hit Girl series, but it was a little late. Hope you like it anyway-


Funny stuff Luis, I’m sure @Mark_Millar will be amused.


I wouldn´t be, seeing the last panel…


Hahaha this is cool! And the pages are really great, congrats!


Thank you!


Great stuff, made me chuckle!


Glad it made you chuckle :slight_smile:


By the way, I din´t even said what my name was. Hello guys, I´m Luis Chichon, comic/etc artist. If anyone of you want to see more comic art & illustration, you can visit this link (thanks):


Don’t worry Luis, you mention it twice in the strip. :smile:


True! But there´s a lot of people that only look at the tiny figures in the panels :wink: (I do it too, sometimes).