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Hit-Girl is back with a brand new super-star creative team!


This is going to be massive. I’m warning you now.


Exciting. I can’t wait to hear this one.


Oh boy!


What? Competition for my job already?


So, how stoked is Amber for this then @Andy? :smiley:


She doesn’t even know yet, she’ll freak when I tell her over dinner tonight. :wink:


Dude. Listen to the old fart. This is 2015. Amber requires an immediate text. Y’know, unless she’s driving or shooting at somebody.

Also - abrupt news of this quality to Amber? While eating? Maybe not such a good idea. kaff projectilevomitus kaff


She doesn’t even own a cell phone! :wink:


Dude. This will be a Moment.

Wear armor.



Anybody notice how we have not heard from BigDaddy since he delayed in telling Amber?


Was this announced in the end? Did I miss it?


Did I miss this?


No, it’s not launching until October.


Where did you hear that Ben? I haven’t seen any news relating to it since this initial announcement.


That’s because there hasn’t really been any specifically on this. Nonetheless, it’s had mentions here and there. From the CBR Empress interview:

“Empress” is the first Millarworld book since “Hit Girl” to feature a female lead. As so many of the books in the line tweak classic archetypes, I wondered if there was any though during the series’ inception of this book being built for the modern female comic book fan in some way?

Millar: No, it’s not even something I noticed, actually, until a few weeks back when one of my friends pointed out that “Empress” has a female lead, our new “Hit-Girl” series coming in October obviously has a female lead,

We know what Mark’s like on marketing his stuff, nearer the time no one will be able to not know about this!