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Hit-Girl Cosplay


Hey guys. I’m new to the forum but thought I’d share my recent Hit-Girl cosplay that I wore to MCM Scotland. The first photo is from a photo-shoot I did on the day, and the other 2 are photos of Hit-Girl in action at the masquerade :slight_smile: Being a small, petite martial artist, I was told that I would make a great Hit-Girl, so I hope you all like it! I’ll be uploading more photos to my page Tiny Tigress Cosplay when I get them back from the photographer.


Hey, your account works. Welcome to Millarworld, Louise.


Yeh, the manual activation worked. Thanks :slight_smile:


Great work! It looks fantastic!


The Hit-Girl cosplay is amazing.

I love the passion cosplayers have for this character. It’s not too out of the ordinary like Superman or Captain America where you have to have the perfect physique or spends some serious cash. It’s not too mundane that it’s like some guy wearing a suit and calling it Clark Kent cosplay. It’s almost like the character was designed for this.


Loving the attention to detail. I’m always impressed by the dedication and work out into cosplay outfits like yours.


Lookin’ good!


Great cosplay, and welcome to the board! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Wearing a suit isn’t Kent, that’s Bruce Wayne. A shirt, a wool vest and glasses, that’s Clark Kent!

…Maybe I’ll get into cos play after all.


Got some more images back from the photographer. I’ve posted the link below if you’re interested :smile: