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Hillary terrifies me as much as Cruz or Trump


Check this out. This is about the execution of Gaddafi…



Hillary is her own worst enemy.



Is it just me or is Bill completely mesmerised by Trump’s hair in that picture?


Our political circus is pretty terrifying when you consider the consequences. Whatever happens, people are most certainly going to die because of whoever we elect as president. Hell, I might die as a result of some presidential action! The odds are slim, but you never know!

Nevertheless, I can’t really hate the candidates. Most of them - maybe all of them - live in a bubble world where it makes sense for them to behave the way they do. Obviously, they are very good at it.

I can only hope that they are really mostly only figureheads and don’t really wield much actual political power.


He be hipp-no-tahzed…


The religious nuts like Cruz and Rubio are more problematic than Trump, imho.



Look up “dominionism,” “theonomy,” and “christian reconstructionism” if you don’t know what they mean.


Was Hillary going for “Rogue Nation Dictator” or “James Bond Villain” with that top?


It looks like a pretty normal thing for a well-off woman her age to wear.


Has anyone changed their mind since this was posted?

Happy California (and others) Primary Day!


All credit to Stephen Byrne


Those are some of my favorite villains. I’m sure that Norman Osborn or Lex would either support him or kill him. Or be his VP.


Yeah, considering Osborne and Luthor are the most well known characters who’ve been president in comics, it’s no wonder we have such low opinion of the POTUS.

Marvel and DC are to blame for Trump!


Right now, I’m at the point where I’m like: we did the safe choice, what will happen if we took a crazy, fucked up, direction?

I hate Trump. But am seriously curious what would happen if he was president. I think no one could predict that.


Something like this:


Is that supposed to be Luthor in the lower right? That didn’t initially register for me.



Hillary vs Trump.

That’s what we need.

If elections would be fought in the Thunderdome we would get so cool politicians.


Hunh? I thought it was someone like Destro.


Same here but people keep talking about Lex.