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Hi there. Looking for someone to do a poster and some concept art.

Hi there. I’ve written a sci fi near future detective story. Sort of Jacobs Ladder meets Blade Runner set in LA and I was wondering if anybody was up for doing just a few concept story board shots and a poster?
I would like to use this material to sell the screenplay if possible. Although I don’t want to make it a graphic novel, there are elements where it could be described as that (maybe). I’m only after a few pictures and poster.

If anyone wants to take part, let me know and send me your quote. Thanks in advance.

Hello Jimmy

I am currently working on a sci-fi graphic novel of my own, I can show you a few pages to whet your appetite, send me your contact info and lets see if we can work together.

Hi Cesare, that would be great. I’m getting a poster designed right now by an artist that I’ve hired. However, the script I’ve just written isn’t strictly a comic book screenplay. Some people could interpret it as that though. Show me your pictures and I may write a script strictly for comic books. I’ll send you a sample of the script I’ve written though.

Hi Jimmy, I would be happy to create your poster. I of course love both Jacobs Ladder and Blade Runner and am a film noir fan. Visit my site, and go to my movie poster/book cover page to see more of my work.

Hi Rick, thanks for getting in touch. I have to let you down because someone beat you to the punch, but I’ll certainly bear you in mind for anything in the future.