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Hey, Comic Script upload here...


Hey folks,

I said a couple of days ago I’d bung a script up - so here it is. At the moment I’m trying to work up a couple of these short stories for submission to anthologies and such.

If there are any writers out there that wanna give me any feedback, or any artists that are looking for someone to construct submission ideas with, then say hi or PM me.

I’ve got a few genre-centric pitches, I don’t just write stories about crinkly old widowers, just so you know.

Anyway, all comments welcome as long as they’re constructive :smiley:


That´s awesome that you post your writing work, allowing artists to have a plot to work with. I really hope lots of artists on this fórum use it and upload their work here. Bravo!


Hi, and welcome.

It’s a nice story, for sure, but i’m not sure you’re going to get a huge response, simply because few people become comics artists to draw old people and run-down houses. One of your genre pieces might be better bait for finding a collaborator.

I’m also not sure how much an artist can add to this story - the script tells it very well, and you’re mostly asking someone else to just depict what’s shown in the script. Get hold of “Making Comics” by Scott McCloud (sequel to Understanding Comics) and read Chapter 3 - Pictures and Words. I’ll try to summarise, but really recommend you get the book.
A comic strip has two lines of information - the text and the pictures. At their most basic, they tell us the same thing and reinforce each other. (eg. When we see your character doing a jigsaw, and his internal monologue says hes doing a jigsaw.) At other times they can fill in what the other stream is missing (eg “Worlds Best Mum” cup and him filling in the details about his wife). Other times they can contradict each other, or be unrelated, and so on. McCloud comes up with seven different cases for how the words and pictures interact.
You’re maybe doing a bit too much of the pictures just illustrating what the words say here.

I’m afraid I can’t give you much advice on how collaborations work, but I imagine each one’s different in terms of how much the artist adds to the script in terms of page layout or design of characters and settings. These are often the fun parts of the job for artists.

It’s a good script, and I hope I’m not being discouraging here. I’d recommend going over it again from an artists point of view, as if you’ve just been handed this to draw, and make a few tweaks.


Hey, thanks Ismael. Cheers for taking the time to have a look :smile:


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the advice - I’ll be sure to pick up that book too. Hopefully I can get hold of it fairly soon.

Cheers for the comments - I know what you’re saying. It does need parring down in parts. Reason for that is that I adapted it from one of my own short stories. So you’re right - it needs some shaving in order to make it more appropriate for a comic reader. I’ll have another crack at it later today and try and craft the scenes more from an artists/comic readers perspective.

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll be sure to have a fiddle with it.



No problem!