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He's back in 2016



I can’t wait!


Hope it is able to capture the Flash Gordon fun of the first, once more.



Thanks, Chief! Thanks, Goran!

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Please don’t screw it up, please don’t screw it up, please don’t screw it up.





Heck of a way to get put on the shit list…


Yay Duke!


Is that the one that comes with my name printed at the top?


I’m so ready for more Duke, while I was reading the trade a few days ago I was hearing Queen in my head sing “DUKE!, ahhhhhh…he saved everyone of us”. :wink:


Would it be possible to commission some A+ Artist to draw a spread of all the Millarworld icons so far.

Like Duke; KA, BD, and HG; Sheldon, Grace and Walter; Chloe, Hutch and Jason; Nemesis; Superior; Johnny Bolt and the Supercrooks; the MPH crew; The Killer; The Chrononauts.

Just have all the major characters on one big spread representing all of Mark’s most well known works … and drawn by say Hitchy?


Wasn’t something like that done a couple years back? That sounds really familiar.


Well this is good news, I really enjoyed this series and honestly wasn’t thinking I was going to going in. Turned me around very quickly, super fun comic.


Ah, a quick internet search reminded me I was thinking of the Yu “crossover”.


There was this one too, a little later, that featured more characters:


I’ve never seen that, but that’s exactly what I mean.


It’s weird how fast it’s expanded, especially since I left Marvel. Huck gets announced next week and I have a major new series starting in very early Spring too. That might be a nice time to get a big Kevin Maguire kinda pic with everybody in it. Something brilliant like Kevin who’s really good at fitting forty characters or whatever in here. It would be a good poster and a good variant maybe for something.



No Kevin Maguire would be perfect.


Chris Weston is pretty good at that kind of thing too. This is one he did for 2000ad.


I think that’s the most “liked” post in the history of Millarworld :smile: