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Heros and Villains on Christmas!


Hi all i did some Fan Art Superheros and Villains for Christmas.

Which one do you like best?

Thanks for Watching and Happy Holidays!


Love the Hulk and Thing ones, and the Batman one has a fun sense of humour to it too. Nice work!


they are wonderful…i love the Batman one soooo much.
amazing work


I love the Hulk and The Thing…The one that most reflects my attitude to Christmas is The Phantom. He looks so world-weary and long suffering. :smile:

But like Dave says, very impressive work.


These are all really great. The Batman one is the best of the bunch.




The Hulk and Batman ones.

Awesome stuff!


I have to agree with this.

Hulk is a close second for me.


Batman and Hulk were my first works of this pack, i could be more inspired on that time XD.


The only problem I see is that it needs more Superman. :wink:

In all seriousness, these are great. Superior and Darkseid are my favorites.


Who’s the one between the Hulk piece and the Batman piece?


Yes, Ronnie, you are right. I thougth to do Superman fliying on earth sending gift boxes (I love Superman) but i didn´t have many girls and because that i did Supergirl with Power girl before Superman.

I think I have some extra time to do it… give me some days.


He is the character of my own comic XD. I´m working on my own comic series and i did the first book. Actually it is on Spanish language but i´m working on to translate into english.

Story is about a man who awaken inside a world where the people are different and all rules changed on a futuristic enviroment.

Here you can see some pages:


The Phantom and She-Hulk!

Thanks, man.


LOVE the Hulk one. Good work!


As I promised RonnieM


Only i changed gift boxes by Stars.


Ivy has me panting, a casual Starfire in terrycloth is ingenious…nice to see a downhome version of her. Bats, very cool and that mischievous grin is priceless. Hulk…really, really nice. Darkseid…brilliant! Great work.


That’s incredible! Thank you, Jesus.


Good report. thanks!


A little late answer :sweat_smile: but…

Hulk & Darkseid!!!

I love your pin ups, and looking forward to see more of your comic.

Could you explain something about your technics? Is that 3D modeling, right? Which software do you use?