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Here are the winners of the Millarworld Talent Search


Thank you!

I’m a native Texan and I have the Guardian app on my phone. :slightly_smiling:


The Guardian has been expanding outside of the UK for a while now, they have US and Australian online editions and opened offices in New York and Sydney.


Anytime someone says “Guardian” I think of one of the defining moments of my young comic book life…



Crap. Thought you wanted your user name changed. Realized it was the spelling of your name in the initial post. I fixed both. Sorry.


Guardian???!! When was this :grinning:


Sorry jumped the gun without scrolling down. Jez that’s great news !


Great to be mentioned in the guardian however they spelt özgür’s name wrong in the credit for the art. I’ll request a correction


Also links from newsarama

Comicbook resources


Awesome! Assemble that press kit. And plenty more once its released.


It’s not The Guardian if they don’t spell things wrong (and I think it’s probably our fault, there were a couple of mis-spellings of names in the original post which we’ve now gone back and corrected). :blush:


no worries. they have corrected it :slightly_smiling:


Congratulations to everyone selected!

Well, I uploaded my work a bit later so I wasn’t really expecting anything. But there’s always new oportunities to everybody!


Late to this, but huge congrats man, really looking forward to checking out the finished story!


Thanks man. I hope you dig it.


I only found out about this event today…I’ll be going now…


Don’t go! Stick around so you don’t miss the next one next year. (You could talk about comics while you’re here…)


Never one to miss an opportunity to bust out my favourite Arnie moment:


You didn’t lose. You simply did not win.


Did they end up posting the winning art pieces and scripts? If so where do I find them? I’ve got some homework to do!


No we didn’t formally post them up.

The easiest way is you can read the 2015 annual to see what was selected.

For the writers it was down to them if they wanted to share scripts, from memory I think only Mark Abnett did here for his Hit-Girl script:

For the art samples you have to look at the original submission thread and find the ones the winners put in (which admittedly is a lot of searching).