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Herb Trimpe RIP


I just heard the sad news that Herb Trimpe has died. Quite the legacy. RIP

[Quote]Legendary Marvel Comics artist Herb Trimpe, co-creator of the character of Wolverine, has passed away, according to his family.

“This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my cousin, Herb Trimpe, in action doing what he loved - meeting fans and drawing comics. I was there capturing video and interviews about his life and work with Marvel for a documentary that we were planning to work on,” posted Glen Baisley to Facebook. "Little did I know, this would be the final time I would get to see him. I wanted to share some very sad news with everyone. Monday night, Herb passed away.

“He was a legend in the industry, co-creator of Wolverine and penciled some of the most iconic characters ever. He will be greatly missed.”[/quote]


RIP Herb. A mainstay of the Marvel reprints I picked up as a kid.

I remember listening to a podcast that had a convention interview with Chris Claremont and he said Trimpe was chosen along with him to create Captain Britain because he lived in Bristol with family (CC chosen as he was born in the UK, even though he moved to the US when he was 3). I’ve never seen any other mention of it in biogs so presume it was a short term thing in the 1970s.


Damn. I had seriously considered going to East Coast Comicon in New Jersey this past weekend, because Herb Trimpe was one of the featured guests; but I passed on it to visit my daughter in Philadelphia instead. Obviously a missed opportunity there.


RIP herb Trimpe

I really loved his stuff when I was a kid, his Hulk reprinted in UK when I was about ten. He always seemed incredibly realistic to me. Also, he and Stan did pebble mill together back in 77 and I was allowed to stay off school to watch!



Aw man. I’m obviously a big Wolverine fan; this is sad news. Rest in peace, Mr. Trimpe.


Herb’s Hulk will always be my Hulk. Thank you, Mr. Trimpe - rest in peace.


One of the great Hulk artists, thanks for the comics Herb.


One of the guys who created the books that I loved as a kid. RIP Herb.


I didn’t realize he also drew the early GI Joe comics written by Larry Hama. I had (and still have) a TPB collecting the first few issues of that as a kid and read the hell out of it.


I love his work and think he never got the recognition he deserved. RIP.


Trimpe’s work certainly wasn’t adored as much as Jack Kirby’s, John Romita’s (Sr.) and John Buscema’s output in the 60s and 70s, but he was THE Hulk artist at that time, and I think he will always be considered THE Hulk artist.

And his recent work for the Mignolaverse at Dark Horse shows that, all these years later, he was still a gifted artist.


I’m not overly familiar with his work beyond the reprint of his Marvel Godzilla run. Godzilla in a trenchcoat and hat is well worth celebrating though.