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Henry Cavill joins Mission Impossible 6 Cast


Hmm. Cruise in his mid-50s, Cavill mid-30s and looks kinda like him.

Is it possible they’re easing in the lead for Mission Impossible 9-14, maybe killing off Ethan Logan-style in Mission Impossible 7 or 8???



There was a similar suggestion that there were plans for Jeremy Renner to take the baton around the time Ghost Protocol came out. So who knows.

I loved the last one and have a lot of faith in Christopher McQuarrie…obligatory mention of the Empire Spoiler special on Rogue Nation…It is an interview with McQuarrie that runs slightly longer than the movie. I thought it was fascinating.


I think Cavill is more likely, Renner isn’t really blockbuster lead material.

Saying that I can’t imagine Cruise ever admitting he’s past it. :smile:


Renner’s best work was in Louie - he’s not a leading man or a hero-type; he’s great at playing dirtbags.


Wow. Hopefully Cavill isn’t going to go full Man of Steel or Cruise is going to look tiny.


If Cavill leaves Supes/JLA, we can get Affleck to play both Bats and Supes.

2 sides of the same coin and all.



Maybe start measuring him up for the Wonder Woman costume while you’re at it.


Cavill was fun in the Man from UNCLE movie a few years ago. Not a great movie, but much better than I expected (though, like M:I, I’ve never seen the TV show it was based on).

If they’re going to pass the torch on to someone though, why not Rebecca Ferguson? She’s already the first woman to come back for a second movie, Michelle Monaghan’s cameo excluded.


Can we set it in the 60s? And call it a sequel to The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Somebody call Armie Hammer!


UNCLE really felt like Cavill’s audition for Bond. There’s even a shot that was right out of a bond movie.


He already had an audition for Bond when he was younger. They went with Daniel Craig.


Yup but the same happened to Pierce Brosnan and he got it down the line.


I can completely see why. He wouldn’t have worked at all as Casino Royale’s version of Bond. I do think he would do great if they return to a more classic interpretation. (But then I’ve liked Cavill since The Tudors.)


It seems to be quite a common thing with Bond actors to be considered for the part quite a long time before they take it.

Dalton was offered the role a couple of times (in the early 70s and in '79) before he finally took it in '86 (which is when Brosnan was unable to take it because of Remington Steele).


When? There was no one between Moore and him.


I would have no faith in a franchise relying on Cavill’s star power. He seems like an incredibly boring person. He had a great scrip in UNCLE but he wasn’t that engaging. His Man of Steel works because it’s intentionally an introverted and quiet version of Clark. I think there’s no life for Mission Impossible without Cruise - no-one is watching these movies for the plots or the ongoing storyline.


This wiki entry is your friend.


Lots of actors were sounded out about taking over from Moore. Sam Neill and Charles Dance were in the frame at one point. Joel Silver considered trying to take over the franchise in the 80’s, but with Mel Gibson in the main role.

The history of people who had near misses with Bond is fascinating.

I’m inclined to agree. I would have to be convinced.

Which is ironic given the original Mission Impossible show was largely plot driven. The characters were fairly interchangable (between Dan Briggs and Jim Phelps or Rollin Hand and The Great Paris).


Thanks. I was completely unaware of a lot of that.


Brutal. :laughing:

To be fair, it was Martin Campbell who wanted Cavill but the studio overrided him with Craig.