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Help Support My Creator-Owned Comic Book, SEASONS (you could be drawn into the book!)

Hi, Millarworld!

Nandor Fox Shaffer here, the creator and writer of the new breakout comic book, SEASONS, which you can read completely for FREE at
The first two issues are up and we’re posting #3 weekly!

I’m posting here to let everyone know that SEASONS now has its own Patreon page, and I’d so love if some of you would help support me to get the book made and out there as fast as possible. You can pledge as little as $1 a month, and every dollar would mean so much to my artist, Anthony, and I. Please check it out! If you pledge $25 for one month, you get to be drawn in the book as a shadow-self! What’s a shadow-self? Read SEASONS and find out! Here is the official Patreon page link:

Thanks guys and I hope you’ll give us and SEASONS a shot,

~ N. Fox