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Help needed buying original comic-art!


Right, I’m redecorating my office.

First, I’m tidying it. Regulars will know it looks like a place murder victims are found weeks after disappearing, but it’s time for a clean up and I want the walls to be especially awesome.

I’ve got some cools stuff in here like all my favourite covers of my own in giant 4X4 frames, two blocks of sixteen covers so far ranging from Ultimates and Civil War to Huck and Kick-Ass. I’ve got my spinner-rack and my formative comics and all sorts of good geek things plus an entire wall devoted to nothing except bright, crazy superhero drawings done by my children at various ages.

But I have one wall left. Above the big fireplace. And I want the gifts given to me by friends I’ve framed, the McNiven, the Chaykin, the Quitely, the Adam Kubert, the Dave Gibbons, the Charest and the Rafa Albuquerque, to be joined by some classics from my childhood. Johnny Romita’s sending me a page of Wolverine from our run, but I want the seven remaining framed spaces to be the greats of ye olde times others might call the 80s. Or maybe even the 70s. My first comics were very young and I’ve got Nick Card covers burned in my brain. So what I’m looking for is an original art dealer where I might find originals for…

Joe Kubert
Alex Toth
George Perez’s JLA run
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (70s and 80s)
Curt Swan
Neal Adams
Nick Cardy
Ross Andru
Gene Colan
Bill Sienkiewicz
Gil Kane

Their art is all over the internet, but any direct links to anything for sale?



With apologies to your bank balance:

I’m sure JRJR can get you a discount! :smiley:


Here you go:


This is going to get addictive!

Garcia Lopez is my man tho. I can’t find his stuff anywhere!!



The Artist’s Choice has a wide range of pages from big name artists (including Garcia-Lopez) but their site is an archaic mess to use.


I have contact information for Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s manager if you’re interested, Chief.


Jason Wood from 11 O Clock comics is a big original art collector and he put this up on their site a few months back.

There might be a few helpful points on there, although I’m sure being in the industry would open up different avenues for you.


Albert Moy looks like he has a couple Garcia-Lopez pieces. His site is usually a good one to try.

He also has some others.

Curt Swan

Neal Adams


This should help for Bill S


Graphic Collectibles has a few Curt Swan pieces.[]=37&akID[37][atSelectOptionID][]=529

eBay is also a good place for original art.

Curt Swan


My god he has stray toasters pages. YOU MUST GET ONE MARK!


I’m a member of a Facebook group that discussed vintage art of the 20th century, (Today’s Inspiration) and I posted a link to this thread there. One guy came back with being the place for Toth, Swan and Adams.


Try to seek out the original artists. They’ll be old now and may need the money. :older_woman:t3::man:t3::older_man:t4:


Hah. That’s a great piece.


@Mark_Millar Not necessarily what you asked for but this thread has Millarworlders original art acquisitions.

Original Comic Art - Pages, Sketches, Commissions, Doodles etc


Man,you guys are awesome.

I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent browsing here.



Here’s my original Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Which is only a few pages from this sweet Mark Millar piece. :wink:


I don´t know your office and already love it, there is the twitter account of Sal Abbinanti (@SalAbbinanti) he claims to be “Artist and Official Art dealer of Alex Ross and Bill Sienkiewicz.” I never bought anything from him and don´t know him but Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Cassaday, Joe Jusko and Axel Alonso follows him, so it appears to be real, but you must make a deeply investigation.


Go on facebook and talk to Kris Adams on Neal’s page. That one is easily done. Same for Bill. Probably you can talk to him directly.

btw, Mark - talking redecorating; I think it was your previous place, but did you ever find that red leather breakfast booth or whatever?


One tip. Use museum glass or anti-reflection picture framing glass.
I know we live in Scotland but it doesn’t take much to ruin an original