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Help! I can't find the video in my Mac Launchpad!!


Just found photo both, which is no use for making a video.

Does anyone know where I can find it? I must have X’d it off somewhere…


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See this could have almost been scripted…


What did you use to capture the video? if you used an iPhone you can access the videos via the “Photos” app. Look to the sidebar under “Import” and it will show your connected devices.


Try closing out Launchpad and going to the standard interface and search for iVideo or any other application that plays video?



You can use photo booth.
Just click the film strip in the bottom left corner of the app when it’s open.


The update on the video is adding to the suspense and anxiety.


Here is a quick way to record video via Photo Booth for future reference, good sir. Just make sure the mic on your computer is set to “internal built-in” in the “Sound” section of your Mac’s preferences so it will capture audio as well as the video.