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Help a Soldier in Emergency Need


Hey gang,

I’m not normally one to post stuff like this, but the father of one of my Soldiers died suddenly this past week. On top of losing their father right before Christmas, my trooper and his brother found out he didn’t have life insurance, and friends are trying to raise the money needed for a proper burial. The father and both brothers all served honorably in the Army. Anyone interested, please click the link and consider giving to this Army family during a time of immense grief and need.

Fellow vets, rest assured his NCOs are pursuing all channels for aid. He’s a Reservist, though, so you know how it goes.


Check the URL again there @Jake , is a dud for me and looks weird.


Same for me so I Google searched the second half, this is the right link I think.


That’s the right one. Thanks gents. I was at the hospital with my daughter when I typed that and something got weird.

She’s fine.