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Help a comic book club’s Christmas party!


One of the best panels at San Diego Comic-Con this year was a panel where Sci-Fi & Fantasy writers competed in a “Family Feud” type of game.

I’d like to surprise my comic book club and host a similar game during our Christmas party this year.

But to do that, we’ll need your help. Could you take a simple and fun survey, answering questions about sci-fi/fantasy and comic books? It’s fun, simple, quick. And you’d be creating a lot of fun.

Please help? Here’s the surveys (20 questions total):

Comic Book survey

Sci-Fi/fantasy survey

Thank you!


P.S. dear forum moderators, if this post violates your policies, I apologize. This is a purely-for-fun thing for a group of true comic-book fans who have a monthly meeting and create a great community for comics fans in the area. No commercial interest, I promise!


That was fun. Please publish the results after your party, I’d love to see.


That was really fun and a cool idea. Love to see results too


Thanks for participating! Yeah, I’ll post the results on here when we’re done. Thanks for the idea.


Thanks for participating!




Thanks! Appreciate it.


That’s a great idea and a cool way to run it. You could have made the answers up, so well done for not taking the easy route.


Thanks, davidm!


I’d like to thank everyone on this forum who participated in the “Family Feud” survey for my comic book club. The game was a big hit, the club had a lot of fun playing. We might even do it again next year. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help. We got over 100 respondents from across a half-dozen forums spanning a range of niches within nerd culture.

For the purposes of the game, we decided to rank the results and award points divisible by 5, for ease of scoring and competitive balance. The distribution curve on a number of the questions would have been difficult to manage if we’d just gone with the pure numbers.

If you’re curious as to the results, you can download them at the links below.

Comics survey results

Sci-Fi survey results

Thanks again! Really appreciate it.


Kudos to whoever put Rob Liefeld down for the Mount Rushmore of comic book creators.


Hey, you can’t deny that Rob has been quite influential…and seems a nice bloke.

And they had the decency to assign him to a monument where they didn’t need to show his feet :wink: