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I am new to the Millarworld forum and wanted to introduce myself to you all! I am a letterer and writer of comic books, having written pieces for Fifth Dimension Comics and I have a short comic appearing in a future issue of UK anthology comic FutureQuake. Through my own comic production house, Madius Comics, I have self published the following comics:

Papercuts and Inkstains 1, 2, 3a, & 3b - An anthology comic of weird and wacky comics, including the ongoing comedy/horror series “The Profits of Doom” which has a revolving stable of artists. Most stories are co-written with Michael Sambrook.
The Kings Leap - Art by Gareth Sleightholme. A viking hack ‘n’ slash oneshot comic, which in effect, is heavy metal distilled into comicbook form.
Ramlock Investigates #01 - Co-written with Mike Sambrook and with art by Drew Bristow, an anthorpamorphic detective comedy staring a Goat and a Pig…'nuff said.
Average Joe #01 - An apocalyptic comedy involving Saxons, Birmingham UK and a man who at the end of the world, chooses to finally start living.
Horrere #01 - Co Produced with Little O Productions, this is a horror anthology along the lines of “Creepy”, with art by Alisdair Wood, Al McLauchlan, Gareth Sleightholme, Neil Ford and Ian McQue.

You can find Madius comics here:

On twitter via @MadiusComics

On facebook: Madius Comics

I also letter comics, and have lettered for Grayhaven Comics, Fifth Dimension Comics, Clockwork Goat and various other small press titles. I am currently lettering series for Markosia, American Gothic Press and Amigo Comics.

Here’s a snippet of the latest thing I’m working on:

Art is by Jim Lavery, written by myself and coming out in Papercuts and Inkstains #04 next year.

For more examples of my lettering, head on over here:

I am always open to taking on new projects and challenges and look forward to chatting and interacting with you all on here!


God bless you for being a letterer!!!

Much needed!


Haha! Thanks Miqque!

Still learning, self taught! However, has some guidance along the way from some top letterers! It’s a lot harder than just slapping words on the page in comic sans! So much respect for those who do it! I initially learnt so I could letter my own comics, but people seemed to like the work I did so have ended up working with some fantastic creators on some absolutely awesome projects!



My first encounter with a letterer was a kid in college with me - back when we met if the dinosaurs were not using the grassy area. He was super into calligraphy, and gave me a couple-hours overview. I remember stuff like that, somehow. With digital, it’s becoming a lost art, and that’s a pity. After people like John Workman and Chris Eliopoulos and Tom Frame, it’s almost a hardship to see words without feeling. As a writer, I love letterers with a passion!