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HAZEL graphic novel taking shape.


Quit my job about 6 months ago and I am finally spending the time needed to write, pencil and color my comic submission. Here are a few samples of issue 1. These are all work in progress.


Some pencils. Page 5…and a double page spread(pages 25 - 26)



Spread didn’t load, let’s try again.


Just my humble opinion but this is really fantastic stuff. I have no idea what the story is about but the artwork has me intrigued. The layering/depth and detail you put into each panel is amazing.


Thanks! This site seems to desaturate and darken my images? Hazel is going to be a high octane action/detective storyline based in the future. Female agents are sent into the depths of old New York in search of
Criminals…super villains… I am using batman and The city of Gotham as an example.


This stuff is wonderful!


Love the artwork, great stuff.





This looks absolutely beautiful. What an incredible gift to be able to write and draw. I could see this style going down well in Heavy Metal.


Thanks Drew! Once I get more done I will do my usual rounds of sending my pitch out. It’s hard finding addresses or emails to send to. I might have to see if anyone has the most recent ones when I am ready​:thinking::grimacing::innocent:



I just want to join in on the praise being given here - this looks really nice - linework, layouts AND colours!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more :slight_smile:



Love the blend of slightly cartoony with highly detailed images, and the dynamism. And congrats for just taking the plunge and focusing on what your love to do. I wish I had that courage (not to mention talent). I have a lot of ideas but not the drive to just get it done like you are doing. Look forward to seeing more of your project, up to completion!


Thanks guys. It has been a struggle for sure. I realized about 4 years into my 17 year career that I would just have to save up money and in time take the best shot I can of doing another comic. I loved my fantasy/knights Darkhollidays comic but I wasn’t happy with many pages. Having a full time day job I lose focus on story, page consistency and diversity in characters.:roll_eyes: If you want to see the actual colors of the pages you can check them out at my Collin Fogel facebook page.