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Hawaiian Dick to NBC/Great Big Hawaiian Dick Kickstarter


Millarfolk -

Maybe you noticed the news that NBC is developing an hour-long show based on HAWAIIAN DICK:

Johnny Knoxville Set to bring…Hawaiian Dick…to NBC

Today’s the day I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a 100-page hardcover of new HD material (GREAT BIG HAWAIIAN DICK), ahead of next spring’s ALOHA, HAWAIIAN DICK series (with art by Jake Wyatt).

Mark being a key inspiration in handling creator-owned rights, I thought I’d drop back into Millarworld and seek your love.

Hope some of you will help us spread the word.

Hugs -

Crowdsourced projects - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledgemusic, etc

The Kickstarter is live:

At least look at the lovely Tula Lotay cover.

Best -


Lotay is great:

I’m outside the US, so I went for the $5 level, but I hope it’s successful.


Thanks, Paul!

Good lord, Kickstarters are a headache when you screw up a shipping charge.

I think all is well now.



I may need some of your Great Big Hawaiian Dick in my hands. My question is, how big is your Great Big Hawaiian Dick? Is it standard trade size, slightly oversize like a DC Deluxe, Absolute size? I have to know. :wink:


This one is standard trade size, but it is hard.

It’ll still look good in your hands.

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