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Has Trump improved TV ratings and newspaper sales?


Am genuinely curious. I know people are talking politics more and I know bad news sells.

Has he had an impact on papers like the NYT?



I know the New York Times’ subscription rates were on the rise up to and around his election and inauguration (contrary to his “failing” claim). SNL’s ratings are at a twenty+ year high as well.


I haven’t seen figures for those papers but Saturday Night Live hit highest ratings for 22 years. Considering how all ‘network’ TV ratings have dropped dramatically with more options that is pretty stunning.


There are quite a few reports suggesting that NYT subscriptions have remained up since the election.

Another person I heard talking recently about a similar boost was Private Eye’s Ian Hislop, he seemed delighted that subscriptions were at an all-time high (with his publication benefitting also from similar interest in Brexit, I guess).

Of course, satirical publications and shows (like SNL) are different from ‘straight’ news-oriented outlets, but in fairness Private Eye does do a fair bit of proper journalistic reporting too.

That article on Private Eye includes this paragraph:

[quote]Private Eye is not alone. The Economist, in a generally glowing six-monthly report, revealed in June 2016 that print sales were up 2.1% year-on-year while The Spectator reports that its UK print sales are up by 10% in a year – which builds upon the success of 2016, when the political magazine broke circulation records and sold more copies than at any time in its 189-year history. Also doing well are The Week, the New Statesman and Prospect.

And in France, Le Canard enchaîné, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday, is also in rude health despite carrying no advertising and a relatively low cover price of €1.20 (£1) per copy.[/quote]


New Statesmen and Spectator are on a roll right now. NS was so boring for 15-20 years, but Corbyn and Brexit has re-energised the writers in the post triangulation era.



New Statesman writers really, really hate Corbyn. They much prefer a middle class Blairite.

They are a bit deluded and all that would end up with is even worse result. Things move on, deal with them, preferably using intelligence.


He did it thirty-five minutes ago.


In all honesty, I’d rather the psychic vagina monster from Watchmen.


It’s not necessarily either/or.


You always say that.


Hey, I’m a man of simple tastes!


A song for all the simple men.


I only dip into political magazines intermittently (apart from Private Eye which I buy every fortnight) and I have been buying New Statesman, The Economist, Time and even the Spectator more recently.

I don’t buy UK national newspapers anymore.


Liz has subscribed to the New York Times online so she can follow the news out of Washington on a daily basis. She just announced that she’s thinking of subscribing to the Washington Post as well.

So, yes, The Donald has had an impact on newspapers.




Watchmen isn’t the obvious analogy, God Emperor of Dune is.

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