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Has anyone seen those Lego superhero movies?

My 4 year old is utterly obsessed with the JLA one. Are there any more beyond the Bat-Mite one?

She hates the Marvel characters, the DC characters feeling less violent and much more kid-friendly and I like her being into DC as I grew up with DC and we always, always train our kids to be mini versions of ourselves, even if we don’t admit it. But we’ve watched that Bat-Mite one on Netflix a million times and we’re keen for more.

Anybody know where I can get them and what they were made for? I’m guessing these were DVDs as they don’t seem to be Netflix originals.



My nephew loves the JLA/Bizarro JLA one! Watches it on a loop.

Unfortunately there aren’t many at the moment, Warner Bros. are doing them themselves direct to DVD now and there are some in production as far as I know. So far, I think there’s only Batman and two Justice Leagues available on DVD and that’s about it. The Bat-Mite one was a TV special for Cartoon Network. I think it’s the only one that’s not DVD, hence it ending up on Netflix.

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Here you go Mark:

Amazing. Thanks, guys.

So that’s Batman plus two JLA full-length cartoons PLUS the 20 minute Bat-Mite special or does that count as one of the JLAs?


Looks like it - the two JLA ones look like Bizarro and the Legion of Doom.

I should get these for my kids, they love the Lego Marvel videogame but haven’t seen any of the DC ones yet.

Incidentally, they got this for Christmas and love it (the DC Trinity all in one Duplo set!)

Yes to the former, Bat-Mite is separate. Could potentially be an extra on one of the DVDs tho’ if it’s only 20 mins long.

No probs Chief :grinning:

Thanks all!

PS That Duplo stuff looks good. I picked up the Little People JLA, but my kids will go nuts for the above. It’s good the rubbishy new costumes haven’t reached this stuff yet. Like Superman’s mullet I was sure these would be gone soon, but I think we’ve got them for another couple of years at least.


Yeah, the Duplo stuff looks great and classic, and they spend a lot of time playing with it.

You should teach your older one to make stop motion films with the toys to entertain the younger ones. It’ll be like a self feeding loop after that and you can start training up the next generation to inherit the family business. :wink:

These are great.

Also, I thought I read that Phil Lord is overseeing them going forward, although I may be wrong about that.

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The same answer to Ronnie and Pat here: That would be my dream!


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Also, I know you think that video games are for moral deficients, but the Lego Marvel game and the second Lego Batman game are absolutely fantastic. Easy to play and infused with a sense of joy concerning the source material.


They really are wonderful. I can’t wait for the new Lego Marvel to come out.

I think my drop off on the video game scene (circa 1993) coincides with the games taking too long to play. I like the fast ones where you get killed quickly and can only move in one direction. The ones where you have infinite time and need to work your way through a world and a story are the ones where I stopped. Are the Lego ones like that?

PS Just dropped you an exciting secret email, young Patrick.


They’re somewhere in the middle. Relatively straightforward levels with a bit of fighting and a bit of puzzle-solving, but the more modern ones also have big open-world sections that are more about exploring (say) Gotham or Marvel-New-York and meeting characters along the way.

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It’s the open world sections my kids enjoy most. My daughter likes to play and use the characters to create story’s of her own. Last week Supergirl and Lex Luthor married after he fell in love with her and stopped Joker killing Zatanna to prove he’d changed his waves… I was way too into it!


As cool as that Duplo set is my wee one is only five months old - a bit too young for it. I’m going to have to buy it and store it for a while. I’d never forgive myself if they stopped making it before I bought a set.

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Where can I find that Duplo set?


Amazon. Those guys sell everything.

Amazon were actually out of stock when I checked yesterday, and the third-party sellers are charging over the odds.

Tesco have it in stock though:

As do IWOOT: