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Has anyone heard of upcoming movie 'Sidekick'?


It sounds really good and I literally only just heard about it.




Are you talking about the one with Chuck out of Supernatural and Jordan Peele? Did that even get released?

Edit: Ah upcoming? Maybe it is that one but it’s been knocking about unreleased for a few years I think, but I don’t know much about it.


Never heard of it, any more info? Is there a trailer?



It’s a 30 minutes sketch movie that had a digital only release ( Has a decent rating on IMDB so I guess it’s pretty good. Talented cast, just no real money behind it.


This Chuck?


Imagine that Chuck in Supernatural…


Wow. I googled “Sidekick film” and that one didn’t show up until the 7th entry. The others were Wikipedia and IMDb entries for the two other films of that name. I couldn’t imagine that Mark was talking about those. :wink:


Plus the title has two meanings. The kid is like his sidekick, but they know karate & they’re doing a side kick on the cover. It works on so many levels. I love homonyms.