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Has anybody else got this rotten cold?


I’ve been murdered with it for six days now and keep nodding off.




If it started with a sore throat that felt like you were gargling shards of hot glass, then my wife had it. Make sure you rest up even once you start feeling better. It’s one that comes back if you don’t kill it all the way the first time.

Feel better!


i had it coming outta both ends last week…was rough as you like.
First day back at work…but im knackered


Sore throat last Tuesday, feeling better Saturday and then wrecked against last night. I jumped into real life again too soon. I feel another Netflix binge on the cards!



Feel better soon, Mark.


I’m currently trying to sweat it out with layer’s of clothing and chillies. Need to be rid of it by the morning got a busy 48 hours after that…OK by busy I mean eating and drinking the fridge and pub dry as I’m off for 3 days for my 40th.


You still watching Preacher?


Yeah, thanks, Ronnie…I’m fine by the way! :unamused:



Why, is it cursed?


When a cold hangs on like that, sometimes one has to encourage it to leave. Best way is to make a hostile environment, which is what the fever and chills is all about. I have in the past taken a medicinal dose of booze to do this. About four ounces of high-proof, then beddy-bye. One sweats profusely and awakens praying for death, but after puking and then some coffee (tea, in your case) and food things are better. Damned viruses are like people who stay too long!


Finished on Saturday morning. Will email you :slight_smile:


There’s a cough going round here in the Netherlands as well. I had an itchy throat for a few weeks, seems gone now.

I think it’s interesting how these “minor” diseases don’t seem to get a lot of medical attention, like research for a cure. I’d be so grateful if they ever found a cure for canker sores.


For an outbreak, warm salt water rinses, followed by direct application of oil of cloves to the outbreaks. Increase zinc and vitamin C (to boost immune system and throw off what is usually herpes simplex). Wash hand before eating or touching mouth. Lots of washing. One can rinse with hydrogen peroxide, make sure to rinse with water after (then more oil of cloves).



Insert Hilary Clinton joke here.


I’m sorry, brother. You feel better too.

We need all of our writers well. The spice must flow. :wink:


I wish I had a cold. As it is, working in a school full of snot infested kids and having the baby picking up everything on the go at nursery, I’ve got all the colds and have had so since about a month ago.


AH! Hours later, but finally remembered the stuff that works for sure!

Campho-Phenique. This stuff works in 12-72 hours (depends on the depth of the infection).


The worst is when you got it on summer. Fever, weariness, sore throat while outside the sun is roasting


Hope you feel better soon!