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Harry Potter Comic Books


I was wondering if anyone knew why the Harry Potter books or movies have not been made into a comic book series. It seems like it would be a slam-dunk thing due to the popularity of the books and the movies. Given the reissue of the first Harry Potter books with huge amounts of illustrations in them, I wonder why no one in the Comic community has pursued this with the author.


I would have thought people have tried for the license, they do for just about every other fantasy/sci-fi property, but Jo Rowling is famously protective of the material.

I think the only thing she hasn’t written herself is the stage play and she worked on the plot for that. So my guess (and that’s all it is) would be they’ve tried and she said no.


In the meantime, check out, if you haven’t, The Unwritten (which was inspired by Harry Potter) or Books of Magic (which was kind of Harry Potter before Harry Potter).


I remember reading a while back that JKR is opposed to having comics based on her Wizarding World.

Which is too bad because it’s a really fertile ground for storytelling and could potentially move a lot of comics.

Just off the top of my head, I could see both short and long form titles based on the founding of Hogwarts, Voldemort’s rise to power, the Marauders days at Hogwarts, the First Wizarding War, and a story set in Hogwarts while Harry, Ron, and Hermione were on the run in Deathly Hallows, not to mention solo stories exploring the pasts of individual characters like Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid, McGonagall, etc.


I’m sure a certain amount of it previously was her disinclination for someone else writing the material. At that point she hadn’t written her first screenplay. The Harry Potter movies were one thing, because they were adaptations. Even with the stage play she was directly involved.

My guess is that if any comics end up happening, she’ll write the first ones. Or it won’t be for years.


She’s famously not hugely motivated by ever more money. Rowling wrote Potter initially on state benefits as a single mother and has said she will happily pay full tax and use no offshore avoidance to return the favour.

She’s enormously wealthy, some estimates say more that the Queen. She seems more interested in upholding the quality of the product than earning more money she can’t spend. I think I would take much the same approach.


I recall her being asked about it many years ago and saying she wouldn’t want her characters to be in something like the Beano, suggesting that she wasn’t aware of more mature comics than the gag strip ones that are popular in the UK.


One problem I could see with HP comics is that, while the Wizarding World is expansive, if they make comic books, I fear people would only want to read about Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

It’s like Star Trek or Star Wars. Most of the licensed material is about, respectively, Kirk and Spock or the further adventures of the OT cast. The audience doesn’t seem interested in anything they aren’t completely familiar with. So there would be an expectation of most of the material to focus on Harry running around Hogwarts, even though that story has been fully told.


I’m fairly certain that Jo Quesada met with her in the early 2000s but clearly nothing came of it.


You have to wonder whether people would actually go for it anyway. I know Potter is still really popular, with a fanatical fanbase, but so is Game of Thrones and barely anyone even seems to acknowledge the comics adaptation of that.


This kind of stuff really has its audience in bookshops, where we have little idea how they perform.

If 1% of Harry Potter novel readers looked at a comic adaptation it would sell like nothing else on the market.

(Also I read one of the Game of Thrones ones, the material is so peripheral it seems barely in the same universe, as Jason says, you probably need the characters people love, see Marvel Star Wars sales v DH with extended stuff).


I’ve seen comic adaptations of the novels, branded as A Song of Ice and Fire rather than Game of Thrones. They’re more accurate to the books than the TV show is, but you’ve got to endure the kind of art Top Cow loved in the early 2000s


Adaptations are also somewhat limited when so many people originally read the books (or saw the film). I only got excited with Marvel UK Star Wars comic after they skipped that and went to new material.

Really devoted fans love the peripheral stuff but it doesn’t take much to see that Knights of the Old Republic’s Rebel Droids in the Thrawn Empire does nothing in sales compared to a book called simply Darth Vader.



Do you mean the Hedge Knight minis? I was referring to the straight up adaptation of the novels that someone or other is doing. You’d think comic shops would be all over plugging that to the GoT fanbase, especially with the show delayed for a year. But as I said, it barely gets mentioned anywhere.


Wouldn’t DC have the license, as they’re owned by WB, who owns the movie license?


Yes I meant the Hedge Knight stuff.

As I mentioned with adaptations is anyone that interested when you have the books and the show? I can’t think I have read a comics adaptation since Marvel UK serialised ROTJ and Blade Runner in 1983 and I read a lot of comics. Maybe it’s just me but then again I can’t think of any straight adaptations that have done much in the comics charts.

It would be unrelated. Martin owns the rights and they are sold by the medium TV/Film/Comics etc. It may help he has a good relationship with HBO but that’s all.


Right, but aside from the seven books and the three Rowling-authored companion books (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Tales of Beadle the Bard) all materials associated with the franchise, except for The Cursed Child , The Universal Theme Park, and Niantic’s “Harry Potter Go”, a Pokemon Go-like Harry Potter-based game, have been through WB, so if she would allow comics, I assume they would be made by DC.


Like I said, Rowling decides. If she has a good relationship with Warners then it would very probably got to DC but it’s not automatic, licences are on a case by case thing.


Niantic’s game, which not knowing the name I dubbed “Harry Potter Go” but is really called “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” is a three way project between Rowling, WB and Niantic, making me think that the WB license includes more then movies.IIRC, before going through with the Park deal with Rowling, Universal had to get some kind of permission from Warners.


Rowling hasn’t been that protective of the HP brand considering there’s merchandise for pretty much everything and now there’s a theme park. She’s clearly cashing in.

My suspicion is controlling the content of the story so it doesn’t turn into a Star Wars Expanded Universe situation. She wants everything to be canon and can’t be bothered editing creators who’d write the comics.

On the other hand for fans of the series I think new comics would be an excellent idea and would certainly sell gangbusters. They’re a thing that should exist. If anything it would prolong the brand, which is what she wants to have happen. When you get that level of success you don’t let the brand fade away, something every merchandiser and theme park operator will be concerned about.